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What is Geobiology?

Geobiology is the study of the relations between the Earth and life.

It is an area which allows the study of the effects of the cosmic and earthly rays, of the architectural forms, of materials, of colors, of technological products, etc..., on living beings.

We all have seen that certain locations spread a feeling of well being, whereas other places let us feel uneasy. For certain families or businesses, only bad luck is to be found; for others, success.

Everything around us is vibrations. The energy forces of our environment can be harmonious or in disharmony.

Our living space, our place of work and our recreation areas are under the influence of these forces, acting unsuspectingly on our organism. These waves, present in the entire universe, may cause varying pathogenic effects and affect our physical and mental well-being, as well as our behavior.

After a long-term exposure at harmful locations, troubles may appear, ranging from simple disagreements to more serious pathologies: loss of vitality, insomnia, cancer, suicide, dementia... according to the sensibility of the individual.

The job of the geobiologist is to detect these harmful elements, to rebalance the living space and to raise the level of positive vibrations, in order to allow the body to recharge itself.

It has been scientifically demonstrated that a long stay in a disturbed location, has a definite effect on the electromagnetic functioning of our cells, devitalises our organism and weakens our immunity system.

According to Dr. Ernst Hartmann (German doctor, 1915 - 1992), "illnesses are a problem of due to the place where we reside".

Prior to curing the symptoms of the illness, we must first cure the house.

Earth Energies - Geobiology of the Living Earth

Geopathic Stress (GS) 

Home Comfort and Security

Geopathic stress (GS) is one of the least acknowledged causes of mental and physical ailments. It is mainly caused by geological fault lines. They disrupt the balance of the earth's magnetic filed in their locality and by resonance - the bio-magnetic field of people, plants and animals.

It can vary in its intensity from place-to-place and season-to-season. Dogs, sheep, horses and cows avoid it - cats and insects are attracted to it - some trees (Buddleia, (Butterfly Bush) and Elder) thrive in a GS zone.

Most forms of stress are temporary, but GS in unrelenting. It drains us of energy and weakens our immunity to disease. Women, children and animals are very sensitive to this subtle form of stress, while most men are less so, tending to blame other more rational factors for their troubles. Fortunately GS can be remedied using a simple induction coil device. (more info on request)

*How it affects the 'Body Electric'
Continuous signals from our brain control our body and enable it to function correctly at all times. Concentrated GS blots out these signals so strongly that the flow of information to the cells, glands and organs is more or less stopped. This has an adverse effect on the body. The stronger the disturbance the weaker the flow of information and the more marked the symptoms and pains become.

Dr. W. Stark of Salzburg puts forward the following explanation. "Many aspects of human metabolism depend on bio electric information. Studies show that assimilation of nutrients from the intestines into the lymph and blood stream depends on the polarisation of electrical charges.

On one side of the cell membrane is positive (+), the other side is negative (-). Nutrients are transported from the intestines into the bloodstream when plus charges are allowed to re-enter the cell. GS will disrupt this process.

Stress is an invitation to change something - it is information that warrants action. No one is immune to close encounters of the stressful kind, however it can be managed to avoid health damage. A stress audit and makeover will enable you to identify and manage the main stressors.

Stress management experts say that when stress is unresolved, it weakens our immune defense - if it is allowed to accumulate, dis-ease symptoms will manifest - when it eventually reaches breaking point - a health crisis will occur (hear attack, stroke, ulcers. cancer...)


Short YouTube video on the effects of Geopathic stress in our environment:



Environmental Stress 

In Home and Workplace

The World Health Organization (WHO) Coined the phrase "Stress - The Silent Killer"! They recognize that environmental toxins and high levels of stress in the home and workplace ("Sick Building Syndrome") are a major factor in chronic ailments, work absenteeism, poor concentration and accidents.

- The places where you work, rest and play may be subject to environmental stressors (air pollution, electro-magnetic radiation and/or geological radiation).
- The Geololgy and Topography of the locations where where you work, rest and play can affect your health & prosperity for better or worse...

***If your health condition developed or worsened after you, moved house, changed job or redecorated, see locations report further down the page.

*Electro Magnetic Radiation (EMR)
This has been a controversial subject for many years due to the delayed effects which are now surfacing. Many people have been and are experiencing disturbing clinical symptoms that, upon medical investigation, no supportive pathology is found.

Treated symptomatically for headaches, migraine, insomnia, unexplained tiredness, chronic non-specific pain, skin rashes, depression and irritability, people can be on medication for long periods with the attendant risk of undesirable side effects from drug treatments.

The possibility of EMR exposure being involved in these cases is unlikely to be considered given the degree of knowledge of the EMR health factor, by the general practitioner and the public.

As long ago as 1986 an article was printed in the Peterborough Evening Telegraph called "Safe As Houses?" by David Cowan and Rodney Girdlestone.

It warned of the dangers of Electromagnetic fields (EMF's) that encircle and bombard our homes every day. Fears that high-voltage cables may cause cancer have been in the headlines for years.

*A scientist from Spalding, Rodney Girdlestone, said:
"There is now clear evidence to suggest that the mass of electric goods in our homes is causing ill-health at home and at work."

He says, "It is difficult for people to imagine danger which they cannot see it." He also points to the fact that the most threatening diseases in the 1950s were diphtheria, tuberculosis, influenza, polio, heart disease and some forms of cancer.

Since then there has been an increase in immune deficiency diseases such as allergies, asthma, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, AIDS, arthritis and cancers linked to a weak immune system such as leukaemia, liver and intestinal cancer.

"Nothing stands out as an obvious trigger," says Rodney. "But unnatural electrical fields fill the criteria."

"Using mobile phones, microwave ovens and computers exposes us to harmful radiation, which dehydrates the soft tissues and damages the nervous system."

*Comfort and security
You will be familiar with some of the principles of good workable arrangements in homes and workplaces, however there may be some aspects that you have overlooked, such as the secure placement of beds, mirrors and chairs. The way you arrange the furniture and decorate a particular room, can make the experience of dining, relaxing or sleeping, a more or less fulfilling experience.

The symptoms of stress are an invitation to change something - it is information that warrants action. No one is immune to close encounters of the stressful kind, however it can be managed to avoid health damage. A stress audit and makeover will enable you to identify and manage your main stressors...(see locations report)Geopathic Stress Relief

"Geobiology - The Holistic House"
by J.M. Gobet, B. Arch.

The Structure of Geobiology

The purpose of Geobiology is to provide the data to enable us to reproduce an habitat as near to natural living conditions as possible, taking into account the need for comfort provided by old and new technologies favorable to the environment. It strives to define and examine the numerous elements influencing the quality of our home. To diminish or enhance the salubriousness of a house the accumulation of many factors is required. These elements can be roughly ordered in three interdependent levels:

  1. The physical level deals with all the known effects related to the quality of the ground (i.e. geological fault, water streams, Radon...etc.), to the quality of the location (i.e. air pollution, noise...etc.) and the quality of the construction.

    We have slowly come to realize the great influence that building materials have on our health, both physical and psychological. One can easily imagine oneself stroking a piece of wood, feeling its softness and warmth. The tree has grown out from the energies of the Earth, the water and the cosmos, it radiates a message of life, very different from the message of a piece of polystyrene or plastic. But even the best of materials can be killed by toxic chemical treatments which are slowly releasing poisonous emanations such as Lead, Cadmium, Formaldehyde, Phenols, Organochlorine...etc. They are known to cause nausea, headaches, insomnia, asthma, brain damage and even cancer.
  2. The energy level includes the positioning of a house on the Hartmann grid and other tellurian currents, electromagnetic pollution and the Faraday cage effect due to bad earthing of electric installation, reinforcement of concrete slabs and steel frames.

    In recent years the rapid proliferation of artificial sources of radioelectric frequencies has become a cause for concern. It has surpassed many times the production of natural sources. According to a German specialist Wolfgang Volkrodt, electromagnetic pollution has increased a hundred times during the past 30 years. Ten to fifteen per cent of cancers affecting American children could be caused by low frequency electromagnetic fields around high voltage power lines, this is the astonishing affirmation of the New York Power Lines Project. This study group was formed by the commission responsible for the power grid of the State of New York.
  3. The symbolic or spiritual level, which is the least recognized, is also the most important in the sense that it is the definition of the quality of the whole. Most of us can feel clearly the difference of ambience in extremes (i.e. between abattoirs and churches) and be strongly affected by them, persons endowed with a greater sensitivity will perceive subtle differences that would nevertheless unconsciously influence us. According to B. Merz (Institute of Geobiology of Chardonne, Lausanne in Switzerland) just as a place can make us prone to disease or depression, another can lift us to more subtle levels of vibration, strengthening our body and spirit. Such places were sought after throughout history and held as sacred. Some are natural wonders like Ayers Rock, the Aborigines have long known this, the Grand Canyon, the Materhorn and countless other places on this planet which inspire the millions of modern pilgrims we call tourists. Others are man made poles of attraction built on powerful sites by architect - priests obeying a sacred tradition, like the pyramids of Egypt, the statues of Easter Island or many Gothic cathedrals. The site on which the cathedral of Chartres is erected was already considered sacred by the Celts.

How to Choose a Home

Geopathic Stress Remediations

Hartmann Grids

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