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Earth Changes earth-whitebkgrd.jpg

Can Earth Changes be Changed?
by Christan Hummel

Very few among us can deny that we are living in exciting times of change. The recent global weather event such as the hurricanes in Florida, the tsunami in Indonesia, earthquake in Japan all beg the question: Is this the time of the Apocalyptic predictions that the Bible and most major world religions foretold? The warnings of global economic collapse, predicted long ago, may well occur within the year. The environment is teetering on the edge. Nuclear war still exists as a threat to society, and its new offshoot, biological warfare. Violent storms and changes in weather patterns, sun flares, magnetic fluctuations continue to remind us how very alive and dynamic Our Earth is, and how much our survival depends upon Her.

Many of us have long anticipated this time. Some know that this time in Earth's history is exactly the reason why we came here. This time of Earth's Transition is one in which the vibrations of the entire planet are being accelerated to a higher frequency. We will have an opportunity to witness the rebirthing of a civilization into a new form of consciousness. But the question on many people's minds is whether or not these devastating predictions of "Earth Changes" can themselves be changed? Can this birth into a new dimension of consciousness be one of grace and ease, joy, expansion and love? Or are we doomed to experience the cataclysmic predictions of the prophets from Cayce to the Hopi?

Earthquakes, tidal waves, pole shifts, changing magnetic fields, melting of the ice caps, collapse of governments--the list of predictions is too vast and long to exhaust, and by now, we know it all by heart. The question is: does it need to happen that way? Is it written in stone, or has the Mother given us another way to go through this Transition?

Nature is Conscious and is our Partner

After the experiences of the last 25 years in working with the CONSCIOUSNESS of nature, I feel that the answer to that question is a resounding YES, the intensity, severity, and even complete possibility of the Earth Changes predicted CAN be changed! The experiences of myself and hundreds of others are beginning to support this view.

Some people won't want to hear that. Many of us have become attached to our concept of the end of modern society, the food stored in the basement, the retreat communities, the survivalist gardens, etc. We have a subconscious "investment" in that scenario, as well as a certain need for completion with the past. "There, the old way is finally over!" Nothing like a tidal wave and a pole shift to really let us know the New Age is here. I readily include myself in this group, as I have had to let go of my attachments to the drama of the spectacular. Ii've substituted my attachment to the "End Days" scenario with the excitement, wonder and joy found in the miraculous. I can say that I am actually excited to see what our Mother will do, because She has shown me that She is capable of virtually anything. Her abilities exceed our own imaginations.

I have been blessed to witness some of the amazing power and miracles of our Mother Who can change when and as She Wills. I have witnessed Her demonstrate to me the impossible, and miraculous so many times that it seems common place at this point. I feel without any doubt in my heart that our Mother CAN move through these changes with grace, joy and ease. What excites me is that She is giving us the opportunities to help make it happen and we have a marvelous, co-creative relationship with Her.

Recent movies like "What the Bleep #@!#" are showing us that we live in a holographic Universe that is NOT static, but conforms to our thought, feelings and intentions. Nowhere has this been more clear to me than in the area of working with the Earth.

This realization began for me back in January of 1997 when I began using a quantum new technology in combination with my ability to communicate with the hidden intelligence of nature, known to me as the devas. With that tool, the devas themselves jumped on the opportunity to show us how they wanted to work with us with the new tools we had discovered.

Quantum Technology Heals Pollution

ehmufcode.jpg One of the new "tools" we were working with was an energy device called a harmonizer. Based on zero point technology this tool had amazing effects on individuals as well as on the environment. With this quantum tool, we witnessed many miraculous events when applied to the environment: it was able to clear the pollution in Denver, Cairo and Mexico City and in some cases overnight!

After witnessing this, I got a group together in the San Diego area to see if we could reproduce the results and found that during the eight month period of time when we were using the harmonizers, that pollution levels in our area were down to their lowest levels in 42 years!

What was interesting about the harmonizer was it was a different kind of technology in that it depended upon the intuitive abilities of the user. It was here that our meditation background and understanding of the Nature Spirits, Devas helped immensely. Tuning into Mother Earth we would ask from our hearts for the best time of day, and best location of the harmonizer to achieve maximum results. It seemed that this added significantly to what they referred to as the "tuning" process. We discovered that by asking Mother Earth first about the location and time of use, the results surpassed what we observed when we relied simply on the "hardware" of the technology alone. When we added the element of working with the devas and dowsing for what and how they wanted the harmonizer used, it shifted things to a whole quantum level.

A Holographic Universe

After working with the harmonizers in this way in various other cities and seeing similar results, I was convinced that this 3rd dimensional reality can be influenced in ways I'd never conceived of before. In one instance in the Salton Sea, the air pollution was so bad that we couldn't see the mountains only 10 miles across the Sea. We used the harmonizer, and asked the Deva of the Salton Sea how it would be able to work with this tool. What we were shown was to offer the blueprint, or thought form of the harmonizer and the frequencies of the tape being played to the Deva and that it would be able to reproduce it. Within ten minutes we saw the pollution clearing in front of the mountain before our eyes!

While at the Salton Sea, on January 23rd, 1998, we worked with the devas of the region to do a clearing of the geopathic stress of the area. Before we started, I dowsed for the geopathic stress lines in the area and they were every couple of inches apart. During the clearing process, which took about 30 minutes to do, we offered to the Deva some sacred waters that had been collected from around the world, and asked her to use those vibrations to help her heal the condition of the Sea. I dowsed afterwards and the lines were completely gone!!. The condition at that time was so desperate that not only birds and fish were dying, but people as well. Thousands of dead fish littered the shore of the Sea. The water was a deep brown from the sewage that the Mexican government was dumping into the Sea. It was so foul that you could smell the septic stench from a town 10 miles away.

The Deva there told us "not to worry, come back in a couple of weeks." To my mind, this seemed impossible for there to be any improvement in this dire situation in just a couple of weeks. We were too busy to come back then, and returned instead in March. What we saw was amazing. The Sea had no odor at all, there were NO dead fish, and the water was so clear you could see the rocks at the bottom. We also saw a number of bird life at a time when they were supposed to be migrating North. Since that time this miraculous improvement has made the Los Angeles, San Diego, and local Salton Sea paper a number of times, each time stunning and mystifying the scientists who cannot explain the unexpected turn of events. All of that from just a 30 minute process on our part. What rejuvenating powers Nature holds!

 Photos of the Salton Sea before and after clearing



 Click for more details

When we asked the local people if there had been any action taken to clean up the Salton Sea, we discovered that a major multi-million dollar project that had been proposed was stuck in legislation. That it had not even been passed yet! So no outer action had been taken in the two months since we were there last. A couple of months later, a friend returned from camping in the area and described it as "pristine." This was hard to believe, but when I flew over the Sea by plane a week later, I saw for myself that the water was indeed blue and that there was NO smog or pollution anywhere.

This really began to shift my ideas about what could happen once we began to work cooperatively with Nature. Of course this was not new for dowsers who quite routinely will tap a pencil on a map in order to move an underground stream. But for me, it was a new awakening into the co-creative possibilities for humanity and Nature to work together in unison and harmony to help heal the environment!!

For years, I'd held a belief in the limitations imposed by the 3rd dimensional world and thought them to be the Truth of our boundaries. With this event, I came to a knowingness based in experience, that ANYTHING is possible when working with the Mother.

This 3rd dimensional world has no more reality than a dream. And we are learning to be conscious dreamers who can CHANGE THE DREAM we're dreaming. Isn't that what all the Masters have said? When the apostles referred to the miracles performed by Jesus, He replied that "these things and more ye shall also do." When Sai Baba was asked how He performs His many miracles, He stated, "I simply think it and it is." We have been shown that we, too, are capable of incredible things when we work with the God force within us, and with our Mother/Father God.

Working with Nature to Calm Violent Storms

As we continued our work with the Devas and the geopathic clearing, we were shown how to use this process to clear whole cities of this noxious stress that was being absorbed by the Earth. We found some incredible correlations once areas were cleared of this stress. The first thing we noticed was that violent storms seemed to be drawn into these heavy negative stress zones. On February 26th, 1998 after being pummeled by 7 of the worst storms of California's history, we began to turn on the harmonizers again. (They had been turned off as part of a one- month experiment. For eight months prior to that, the harmonizers were operating and over 7 major storms heading our way were dissipated. The weathermen were baffled by this and were calling El Nino, "El No No" because none of the storms they had predicted were occurring in our area.)

Knowing that the harmonizer network took some time to get going again, and with another major storm on its way, a group of five of us gathered to see what we could do to help. When we tuned into the Mother and asked what we should do, we got the answer that we should clear the coastal cities of the GS to help neutralize the negative energy behind the El Nino storms. In two days we cleared most of the coastal cities, and the storm that was predicted to hit never materialized. Another storm was on its way, and it too did not occur. In all, during a one-month period, over 7 storms were predicted to hit our coast, but we only received 1/10 of an inch of rain in all. This marked the end of the El Nino storms for our area.

Earthquake Activity is Reduced

Another test came our way in January, 1998 when we were given the message to go to an area of intense earthquake activity called in Mammoth Lakes region, called the Long Valley Caldera. The region for two months had been having between 300-400 earthquakes a day in the 2.5 to 3.5 range! We were shown to do a geopathic clearing with the assistance of the devas in the area. It was an area about 80 miles long and 40 miles wide called the Inyo National Forest. After the clearing we went home.

Once we were home, people called us and told us of numerous predictions of the area having a major volcanic eruption and a major earthquake. These predictions came from seismologists as well as channellers. Once home another friend gave us a website address that monitors earthquake activity in that area. We found that within a few weeks after the geopathic clearing, the earthquake activity was down to 30 or less smaller (under 1.0) earthquakes a day, down from 300! So there seemed to be a correlation between the geopathic stress and earthquake activity.

But that theory was born out two more times as well. In Los Angeles, for years there have been predictions from scientists and psychics alike that the "big one" would hit soon. According to scientists, an earthquake of the magnitude of an 8.0 was destined to hit the Los Angeles area eventually due to the seismic activity they had been detecting over the years. They just didn't know when.

Within a three-month period of time from March to May of 1998, a group of four individuals went to work clearing the geopathic stress of the various cities in the Los Angeles area. In that time, they cleared over 15 cities of geopathic stress. It so happened that they were also clearing the cities that were closest to the San Andreas fault. "Coincidentally" the southern end of that fault runs through the Salton Sea. Sometime in May, with little fanfare, the news reported that there was NO LONGER any threat of a major earthquake in the Los Angeles area, that the seismic stresses were reduced!

We have since learned how to work with the devas of a particular fault line and ask them to take the frequencies of various tapes which reverse the negative spin of the fault line, and the devas if requested will transmit those frequencies all along the fault line. We witnessed this while in Hayward, CA when we were directly on the Hayward fault. Within seconds seven of us present noted with our pendulums and rods a noticeable shift in the energies in the fault line. Prior to that we had a headache, and upset stomach from the stress energy the fault was emitting. Within seconds of working with the Deva of the fault line, the energies shifted and the physical symptoms went away.

Crime Drops Dramatically in Cities

Crime rates are also reduced dramatically by clearing this geopathic stress. In Denver, the first city where the harmonizers were used, they placed the harmonizers directly on the major geopathic lines running through the city. The harmonizers were able to reverse the negative spin of the geopathic stress, and as a result, within the first year of the experiment the crime rate in Denver went down by 36%. The following year, it went down by 51%. While this was fantastic, there existed the possibility that this was a coincidence, or that it was a result of other factors. However, the crime rates in Los Angeles during the 3 month period of when the geopathic clearing was done was reported down 30%. In San Diego as well, where the geopathic clearing and the harmonizer network was operational, they reported a 28% reduction in crime, and in Auckland a 50% reduction. The likelihood of coincidence was being ruled out with each additional city.

The Devas Squash the Fires in Mexico City

Given the examples of working with moving underground water by working remotely on maps, we thought about doing a geopathic clearing for Mexico City during the time of the fires in May. A year prior, in May, 1997, Ann Meril and I were directed to go to Mexico City and work with the devas there. Since it was a week before Drunvalo Melchizedek and a team were scheduled to go down there to set up their pollution clearing tests, we thought that we were laying some sort of devic ground work for their project. When we asked inwardly why we were sent there, we received the message, it was to be used for a later date, like a time-released vitamin which would be activated when the time was right.

After returning home, several months went by, and we didn't see that anything we did had any effect on anything. We had heard from Drunvalo that soon after placing their initial 3 units down there, that there were daily eruptions of volcanic ash from Mt. Popocatepetal (Popo for short.) So much ash was coming out that 40 miles away, Mexico City was covered with 1" of ash from the volcanic eruptions. The group had placed larger harmonizer on one of the major geopathic lines which came from the volcano. It appeared that the volcanic eruptions were a way of releasing the geopathic stress. The project in Mexico was canceled, so they took the units back and that was all that we heard, other than while the units were operational, pollution levels were reduced by almost 40%.

A year later, major fires broke out south of Mexico City (near Popo) burning over 7 million acres out of control. Slim spoke with a researcher who reported that the fires were starting due to magma which was coming close to the ground level and igniting the surrounding brush. Slim called us the beginning of June and requested that we do a geopathic clearing of Mexico City, suspecting that the geopathics were linked to the magma activity. Again, a group of five of us got together and did a remote geopathic clearing, this time linking with the devic network we established a year ago. Because that devic linkage was in place, we were able to do the geopathic clearing easily from our living room in California.

As part of the meditation, we linked with the devas and asked for what we could do to assist. The answer we received was to link Deva of the volcano in Mexico City to devas of other volcanoes up as far as Alaska and down to Peru. We were told this would help to distribute to other areas the build up of energy which had accumulated in Mexico City area. Hours after the geopathic clearing session, there were thunderstorms in Mexico City which began to put out the fires. Also within a day of doing the clearing, there was an avalanche in Mt. Rainier due to a sudden increase in temperature. The following day, the Merced River in Yosemite began to overflow due again to a sudden increase in temperature. Since these were two of the devic points we linked with, it appears that the devic kingdom used these points as release valves to disperse some of the energy build up in Mexico City.

Also on June 9th, the day we did the linkages and geopathic clearing, the earthquakes in the Long Valley Caldera (near Mammoth Lakes, CA) went from 29/day to 400/day with one of them being a 5.1 on the Richter scale! The next day there were 900, then 200, then 900 on June 12th. After that, they went down to 60/day, and then down to 30/day. This was another of the devic linkage points in the volcanic chain. So it would appear that the Mammoth area took some of the stress off Mexico City as well.

Results are Repeated in Florida

After word got out about the success of the clearing session in Mexico City, people in Orlando, Florida began to phone us as they were experiencing some of the worst fires of their history. Over 1/4 of a million acres had been burning out of control for over a month. Florida was in the middle of the worst drought in its history and the weathermen did not expect a break in sight until September. This heat was further fueling the fires making them impossible to contain.

On July 2nd, a small group of people in Florida assisted by several remotely in Southern California participated in the geopathic clearing efforts of Central Florida. Again, we assembled a team and dowsed for what should be done in the situation. We went to work with what we were given to do on Thursday, July 2nd, and within hours there was the first rain in the area. Just after the devic linkages were made in the area, and the geopathic clearing was done, the heat wave unexpectedly broke and rain came into the area allowing firefighters to contain the fires. The Chief Firefighter claimed that the unexpected rain was the "best thing that had happened in a while".

Waters Changing Around the World

Some of the most exciting changes we've witnessed are with the waters. At this point, we've seen water turn color from brownish red on both Pacific and Gulf coasts, to a teal, green. We've seen water go from polluted, dead water to water which is clean and filled with life. We've watched the Red Tide in both the Gulf of Mexico, and the Pacific unexpectedly recede, and in areas that were considered dead before, the marine life now flourishes. Again, just by linking with the devas of the area, and using the dowsing to ask what could be done, and implementation what guidance was given.

An interesting phenomenon is the occurrence of whales and dolphins in areas where work is being done with the harmonizers. In three different locations Seattle, Los Angeles and Cape Cod, MA whales and dolphins appeared in the bay and harbors where they had never been sited before. They appeared to be attracted to the energy of the harmonizers and the clearing frequencies being broadcasted. In one instance off the coast of British Columbia, while on a whale watching trip, all 97 Orca whales who live in the area surrounded our boat. They had reversed their Northerly direction up the coast to come down to where we were, and according to the boat captain were moving at a record speed to meet us. All three resident pods of Orcas encircled our little boat, when one of the whales came directly towards us and went underneath our boat. According to the person in our boat who possessed the ability to communicate with the whales, this whale was the leader of the pod and was taking the frequencies of the harmonizer and tapes which we had with us, back to the rest of the pod to broadcast throughout the waters they patrol. If the whales are able to take these frequencies and broadcast them throughout the oceans, the implications of this are vast. It means the potential for a complete healing of our oceans. With the recent research of Masaru Emoto, in his book the Messages from Water, it shows validation from the scientific community that our thought and intentions are recorded in the physical structure of the water molecule itself!

Devas Offset Cataclysmic Effects in Antartica

More recently, in Christchurch, NZ, we had an experience with contacting the Deva of Antarctica. Responding to a request from the devas to help with the impending melting of the ice caps there, (Larsen's ledge was predicted to fall off and cause huge tidal waves and kill millions.) So a small group of us got together and did a meditation with the devas on this project. Many groups around the world joined in with the meditation each adding their own energy and strength of their area to stabilize this region.

In our own group in New Zealand, the meditation was the most interesting and complex case of clearing the group of four of us had ever encountered. I discovered that instead of using a pendulum, that when going over the map of Antarctica, I could actually feel in my fingertips where there were areas of distorted energy. When I got to the place of magnetic South, the current in my fingers and running up my hand was so strong that I had to take my hand away. It was as if I was getting an electrical shock. There were so many complexities to the situation in Antarctica that we had ask each step of the way what needed to be done next. What followed was the most bizarre clearing process I'd ever experienced including everything but the kitchen sink. It took the four of us about an hour, but when we checked with pendulum and saw that it was cleared we double checked with our hands going over the map and found to our amazement that all four of us felt a blast of cool air coming from the map!!!

The next morning I awoke to a vision seldom witnessed in Christchurch in the summertime--hail. There was hail, rain and snow all through out New Zealand that next day, which the weathermen said was caused by an unexpected blast of cold air up from, you guessed it, Antarctica!

Almost a year later, Larsen's ledge did in fact break off, and the amazing thing was that there was practically NO MENTION of it in the news. It did not raise the waters in any significant way and in fact there was NO damage whatsoever. This was remarkable given that the ledge of ice that broke away was close to the size of Texas and created no discernable displacement of water!

There is No Order of Magnitude in Miracles

These are just some of the events we have experienced on a daily basis. The result of it is that I no longer believe that anything is impossible. The Mother can do anything. And She can do it in an instant. As the Course in Miracles teaches, "There is no order of magnitude in miracles." The hole in the ozone can easily be repaired. Lightening is known to repair ozone. Cannot the Earth create a lightening storm where the ozone needs repairing? If the devas can easily change the color, temperature and pollution content of waters, can they not change the temperature of a melting ice cap? If devas can take frequencies of a fault zone and neutralize them, can they not do the same for HAARP? Simple sounds can convert polluting elements in the atmosphere into non-polluting elements. Clearing of geopathic stresses can greatly reduce earthquake stresses, fires, heat waves, crime, storms and who knows how much more?

The one unifying thread that I've found in all of the experiences is RESTORATION OF BALANCE. It seems that as negative energies build up within the Earth, that the Mother uses many agents of transformation to discharge these stored negative energies-fires, floods, earthquakes, volcanic activity, storms--all to restore balance and HEALTH to Her living systems. We have been shown a way to release and transmute this negative energy build up thereby averting the need for Earth to resort to such correcting measures to restore balance.

We are living in a world of exciting possibilities. Zero point technologies are hovering on the verge of making their way to the market place once the financial and governmental resistance to their existence is removed. I personally witnessed someone drive half way across country in a car fueled only by water. The established structures that prevent such technologies from being openly used are the same structures which loose their strength as the magnetic fields begin to move towards zero. As these same magnetic fields weaken, we move closer into that zone where thought more instantly manifests into reality. What do we want to dream?


Christan Hummel is the author of the best selling book, Do It Yourself Space Clearing Kit, co-founder of Earth Transitions, Flower of Life facilitator, and contributing author of The Rainbow Bridge. She travels internationally to teach people how to reconnect with the Angelic and devic realms of Nature in order to create a healthy template for themselves and the environment. She has worked with leading edge inventors in developing a grassroots environmental clearing program worldwide using a combination of quantum technologies and co-creation with nature. Her newest workshop, Bridging Heaven & Earth, Christan shares how to shift the holographic matric of an environment to reduce pollution, crime, earthquakes, and balance weather patterns to create a living Heaven here on Earth.

To learn more about how to co-create with the devic realms, Christan's workshop schedule.


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