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Magical World of the Devas                                             

by Christan Hummel                                                                        

DevaSmall1.jpgBack in 1972, at the tender age of 14, I was blessed to meet two spiritual teachers who first introduced me to the magical world of the devic realms. That event opened up to me the world of "nature's unseen forces" as the devas have been called, and totally changed my life.

The esoteric group I was a part of back then, named the Rainbow Bridge group, met every two weeks to meditate and work on what I now know is the "Christ Consciousness grid." At the time, we just thought of it as a network of triangles of light that we vitalized in our meditations through our visualization and through the cooperation of the devas who worked with our group.

Given that one of the leaders of the group was born perfectly clairvoyant and telepathic, there seemed no need to develop our own relationship with the great devic masters and lesser devas who attended our meetings and assisted with the various projects we were given to do. We trusted the perceptions and impeccable integrity of our teacher, and what she shared of the devas and their participation satisfied most of the group's curiosity.

When she passed on in 1979, many in the group were left needing to find for themselves the relationship with the devas that our teacher had provided for us. The devas were all too happy to cooperate. One in particular, who was considered a Master in his own right, was stationed off the coast of San Onofre, CA near the power plant. His task was to help drain off the negative energies produced by the operation of the power plant there. He did this by gathering the energies and lifting them into the upper atmosphere to be dispersed. He seemed to have as well the job of being an "ambassador" as he called it, helping to facility communication and interaction between the devas and humanity.


Training in Devic Communication (see blog for latest communications)

He began to communicate with a number of individuals in our group and many of us began a program (unknown to myself and most of us at the time) of training us to communicate with the devic realms. This "training program" was ongoing for many years, and sometimes involved having the devas would work on our energetic bodies to, as they put it "rewire our system" to better handle the energies required for communication.

Apparently, "communication" was more than just receiving pictures or words, but an interfacing of energies between the two kingdoms, devic and human. Our energy bodies needed to be operating at a certain vibratory frequency before effective "communication" could take place. If, as was often the case in the early years, we were in emotionally unbalanced states, the energies of their vibratory frequency would be too much of a strain on our electrical and nervous systems. After such sessions, we would be exhausted and need to rest for several days. So, much of the "training" was in the nature of changing the frequency of our subtle bodies to be compatible with the frequencies of the devic Beings who were communicating with us.

For many years we just had what were private, personal relationships with these devas, who felt like friends and mentors to us. Their innocence, guilessness, and loving, supportive nature, prompted us to often joke that our best friends were devas. Well, it was really true. After communicating with them and working with them for years, they were like friends--only without bodies.

Given our previous esoteric training, we were told to be careful not to discuss "occult matters" with others, and that the work needed to be "graded, guided and guarded." The general thought was that the work we were doing with the devas was to be done silently, behind the scenes. This was both because it was perceived back then that humanity was not spiritually mature enough to handle the information with wisdom, and also as a protection to the devas themselves, who had been enslaved by humanity in the past during the time of Atlantis.

Devic Enslavement During Atlantisalladin.gif

  Back at the time of Atlantis, the devas and humanity were like a marriage with humanity being the masculine polarity and the devas being the feminine polarity. The legend of Aladdin and the Genie within the magic lamp hides the occult truth of the relationship between the devas and humanity, Aladdin representing the human element, and the Genie representing the devic forces who "wait for our commandi".

The Ancient Wisdom teachings state that during the time of Atlantis humanity misused the devic/nature forces to gratify personal and ego desires. Humanity even went to the extent of using the devas for the purposes of war. The Hindu text of the Ramayana tells of beings who used devas and the forces of nature as weapons. This kind of "warfare" was in part responsible for the sinking of the continent of Atlantis. At that time, the Spiritual Hierarchy of the Planet intervened and separated the devic and human kingdoms so that this would not happen again.

So since the sinking of Atlantis, humanity has been operating with only half of its true nature. The devic counterpart (while there on an unconscious level) was not available to humanity at large. Only certain people, usually esteemed as the shamans, witches, medicine men, alchemists, or magicians of a group, retained the knowledge of how to work with the devic realms--the unseen builders behind all manifested form.

New Relationship Between Devas & Humanity

Things continued in this manner until in 1975 when the decision was made by the Spiritual Hierarchy of the planet to allow the devic and human kingdoms to come into conscious relationship once again, only this time the devic forces would not be allowed to be enslaved as before. The devas now had a degree of autonomy and choice that they did not possess at the time of Atlantis. So the door was opened in 1975 for a new relationship with the other part of ourselves, collectively. This relationship would not be one of domination and control as before, but one of co-creativity, and cooperation as we learned to work together as equal partners.

Our group's contact with the devas was tentative at first, and for many years we noticed a reluctance on the part of the devic beings we contacted to interact with humanity, some still holding a memory of the past, and being cautious about being enslaved as they had been before. But many of the devas we contacted became lifelong friends as we learned to work with each other, and found that we had mutual goals of assisting the Earth in Her transition to another level of consciousness.

At the time, we did not know of other groups like ours, but I assume that there were hundreds of groups around the planet who were working with the devas in whatever way was assigned to them. Our group seemed to be assigned projects that had to do with helping the devas to link both with the Christ- consciousness grid, the major world centers, and with each other. This networking appeared to assist the devas to perform their tasks with greater efficiency.

Being the feminine component, the devas are receptive, and passive and wait for instruction. Humanity being the masculine aspect of the team is responsible for providing the thought forms, or blue prints which the devas embody. According to Dwal Khul in "A Treatise on White Magic," there are steps to materialization--and everything which is now in form has been "materialized" in accordance with these steps, whether known or unknown. These steps are the laws of creation, so to speak. The only difference between "white" magic and "black" magic is the intention. The steps for both are the same.

Before anything exists on the physical plane, it must first be created as a thought. This happens whether we are conscious of it or not. The clearly formulated thought, energized by desire is picked up by the devas and is then materialized into form. So anything that we can see on this physical plane is a result of a thought (humanity's element) energized by desire, which the devas manifest and bring into form. So everything, without exception, contains devic life. They are, in fact, the life within the form. But just as with humans, there are varying levels of consciousness within that form.

The devas are a parallel kingdom to humanity, and their development ranges over a wide spectrum of consciousness as does ours. The devic kingdom is hierarchical in nature and includes the elementals, fairies, gnomes, garden sprites and nature spirits among others. These are the devic forces who cooperate in the projects at places like Findhorn in Scotland, and Perelandra in Virginia. These are also the nature spirits which usually made their way into "fairy" tales and legends, started undoubtedly by those who possessed the ability to see them. These "devas" are closely connected to the earth, and are very much bound to restricted territories. For instance, a tree spirit would not usually be able to venture out beyond the tree it embodies. It would be a "master" of information about that tree, but may not have any wisdom or information about another kind of tree only two feet away.

As devas progress in their own development, they assume larger areas of responsibility. So while there is a deva for a particular tree, there would also be a more developed, mature deva for the whole forest of those trees, and a more developed deva for the whole park the forest resides in, and a deva for the city that the park is in, and on and on. If it has a name, and it has a form, then it has a devic element that holds it together, whether it is a tree or a city. Seen in that light, one may wonder what was originally perceived when Los Angeles (the city of Angels) was given its name?

Knowing this, it becomes more clear how it can be said that everything is alive. In truth, everything does possess a livingness aspect to it. However, devas receive their instructions and energy from humanity. The two kingdoms are intimately woven together, despite the apparent "cleavage" which occurred many thousands of years ago. When humanity recognizes, appreciates, and acknowledges the devic life within any object, the devic life force of that object is enhanced. Does this explain why in the book, "The Secret Life of Plants" that plants grow better for those who talk to them? To me it explains why people who name their cars seem to have fewer car problems. We all know cases of where we have recognized the "life" within an apparently inanimate object. Those who practice this regularly will tell you in no uncertain terms that these objects "perform" better for them when the life within them is recognized.

In the workshops I give, on the last day, we go around the city and make contact with the devic life within the city. Most of us don't think of devas as living in a city--but they exist in EVERYTHING without exception. In one case in San Antonio, we made contact with the deva of the old courthouse in the heart of downtown. The deva there was somewhat alienated and seemed to possess a feeling of being neglected and left out. I communicated this with the man who worked and lived in San Antonio, and he quickly replied, "of course! That makes sense. That courthouse used to be the heart of activity in downtown. Since the new courthouse was built, all the activity has transferred to the new building!" So buildings have "feelings" too. Once we acknowledged the job and service that the deva of the old courthouse had done, and appreciated it, we could see and feel a distinct difference in the energy and appearance of the building.

Very often, we have come across devas in places like churches, cemeteries, war memorials, whose energy is very heavy and weighted down. We have learned to give the devas a tool of transformation that they can use to assist them in transmuting the energies of humanity that the devas are obliged to embody. The deva merely reflects and embodies the thoughts and feelings of humanity, and if people come to a place with a lot of sorrow, or dense feelings and thoughts, the devas will embody that form. They have to--its their job. As one devic Master once said concerning the financial situation of the planet, "we hope that humanity comes up with better thought forms." It has been our experience that these devas welcome someone who comes along and gives them "a better thought form" to embody.

The Buddhic Column

A very simple technique (shown at the end of this article) that we can offer to the devas is that of the Buddhic Column. It is simply a thought form that we construct, but once we give it to the devas and allow them to use it, remarkable things happen. In one case in a cemetery in Sonoma, CA within seconds of giving this deva the thought form of the Buddhic Column a whole group of eleven of us could feel a difference in the energy of the cemetery.


Once the deva has the thought form of the Buddhic Column (which connects them into the Earth's Christ-consciousness or Unity consciousness grid) they are physically linked with the Plan and intent of the Mother and the Hierarchy in a new way that assists them in their progress and development. It also allows the various devas to link together in networks (where that serves their purposes.)

Stabilizing the San Andreas Fault

One such network was requested of our group to make to stabilize the San Andreas fault line in California. The request of the devic Masters was to form a bastion of devic linkages all along the California coastline. Then to link all the devas of the California missions (most of whom were languishing from neglect and responded greatly to the recognition and prospect of a new project they could be a part of.) Once those two networks were established, we were told to weave a line of energy (just with holding the thought in our minds) between the mission devas and the ocean devas--like sewing a rip in one's pants.

We observed this allowed the devas to pass energy throughout the network established allowing them to either dissipate in intensity any earthquake stress, or to divert it to outlying areas which were less populated. Since establishing this devic network, many of the earthquakes in California were in fact showing up in deserts and along previously unknown fault lines. Not only were the energies dispersed to unpopulated areas, but on several occasions simultaneous minor quakes would occur at northern and southern points of the devic network suggesting that perhaps a larger quake was being spilt into two smaller quakes along this chain.

Devas Manipulate Time and Weather

Ann Meril, my mother and devic co-worker, relates one of her many experiences with the devas in reporting that once while working as a court transcriber she had a deadline in which she needed to type 132 pages in six hours. This appeared to be an impossible task given amount of time as her top typing speed was 15 pages an hour. In a panic she called our spiritual teacher who said to her, " Don't worry, I'll send the devas to help you." She began typing and was positioned where she could see the clock in the office the entire time. As she typed it appeared as if time were standing still while the pile of typed pages continued to grow. Not even taking the time to marvel at this phenomenon, she completed all 132 pages --with 40 minutes to spare! Our teacher shared with us afterwards that the devas have the ability to manipulate time.

In a more recent episode, Ann and I were traveling down the Highway 101 from Malibu to downtown Los Angeles. We left Malibu at 1:00 and had to meet someone in downtown Los Angeles by 1:30 p.m. (normally a 50 minute drive under the best traffic conditions.) We requested the assistance of the devas, and without speeding miraculously arrived downtown exactly on time to the minute.

In another driving situation, a friend was on the 405 freeway at night heading home when she hit a dense fog bank limiting her visibility to 25 feet in front of her. Without stopping to think she called on the Angle of the 405 Freeway to assist her safely home, and within seconds the fog lifted to within three inches of the top of her car.

The Devas Request Energy Tools

The some of the most dramatic events we have witnessed with the devas came when we began to work with the tools of a man named Slim Spurling. He environmentalharmonizer.jpgcreated a tool based on the geometries of the human energy field, called a harmonizer, which transmitted a waveform, created by a scientist named Bob Dratch. Together, these two technologies were shown to have documented capacities to clear up air and water pollution in several cities where tests were done.

In March of 1997, the devic Master at San Onofre, gave me some instructions on how to combine this harmonizer/waveform technology with the devas. His instructions were to offer the thought form to the devas of the harmonizer and the Swept Clear wave form used in the pollution clearing projects. We were shown where to work in our local area creating a series of "smaller triangles leading to bigger triangles" as they instructed us to do.

Finally, during the Wesak meditation in May of the same year, the San Onofre deva said that it was time to go to Los Angeles. He said that we needed to go to three specific locations: Palos Verdes, Point Magu, and Mt. Wilson and give the devas there the thought form of harmonizer with the "Swept Clear" waveform, then to simultaneously bring the three physical harmonizers used at each of the three points to a center point in the heart of Los Angeles at the intersection of Alameda and Olivera street. This was to be done as soon after the Wesak festival as possible.

Well, this seemed an impossible task for us on our personality levels to coordinate, but as we have learned, nothing is impossible with the devas assisting. One of the logistical difficulties was finding on such short notice two other people who would help with the project. I did not know anyone in Palos Verdes, and had never even been there. As for Mount Wilson, I didn't know where that was either. When I discovered that there actually were two streets in downtown Los Angeles named Alameda and Olivera, and they did in fact intersect, then I was reassured that I wasn't just imagining things.

Well two days later a woman called for information about Slim Spurling's next workshop. She offered to have the workshop in her home. When I asked where she lived, she said, "Palos Verdes." She ended up dropping everything and participating with the project the deva had outlined for us. Two other people stepped forward not long afterward, and within two days what seemed impossible to me to organize before was happening. So we each manned our devic outpost, played the Swept Clear tape and offered that and the thought form of the harmonizer to the devas at Point Magu, Mt. Wilson, and Palos Verdes, then headed down to the gazebo downtown at Alameda and Olivera street.

After the project was completed, I still had doubts, when the San Onofre deva came and said, "don't worry, I'll give you confirmation." The next morning it came. Ann called and said, "turn on the news! Hurry." They were televising a cultural fair live from the gazebo at the intersection of Alameda and Olivera streets in downtown Los Angeles. The newscaster was quite surprised because the weather was so clear. They had predicted rain. He mentioned that the day before 90 mph winds came down from Mt. Wilson and "swept our valley clear" to quote him. Then he went to the skycopter for a report. She reported that it was one of the clearest days they had seen in months. "It's so clear," she said "that you can see from Palos Verdes to Point Magu."

  Well, that was pretty good confirmation for me, but the devas had more in store. Later that day, friends of ours who live near the coast by the Santa Monica Bay reported that they saw Orca whales and a school of dolphins- in the Santa Monica Bay! This is very unusual--actually unheard of! They dropped what they were doing and followed the whales up the coast until they reached Point Magu, where they just disappeared!

This is just one of many examples of how working cooperatively with the devas can be a miraculous and wondrous experience. On numerous occasions now we have witnessed what would seem impossible, clearing the red tide, dispelling tornadoes, clearing up the pollution in the Salton Sea, just to name a few events we have witnessed.

These are just some of the things that can happen when we are in a loving, cooperative relationship with the Mother. I believe that this is our birthright, not some special gift. This is the direction that humanity as a whole is moving towards. Certainly we live in exciting times!

Love and blessings to you if you choose to pursue this path. It is filled with rewards beyond imagination.


see also: Offsetting Earth Changes

Steps for Constructing a Standing Buddhic Column

  1. After making a contact with the deva you are working with, officially release it from any past vows or programs that no longer serve the Will of the Mother, and the Plan of the Christ.
  2. Invoke a five-pointed star of the Christ made of white light, and visualize it over the highest point of the area involved.
  3. Invoke the Deva of the Buddhic Plane. Ask the Deva of the Buddhic Plane to drop down and anchor a Buddhic column of light from and through this five- pointed star of the Christ.
  4. Invoke or picture a standing vortex of energy (an upside down tornado type of whirlwind) which transmutes any of the lower vibrations and carries them up and into the five-pointed star of the Christ.
  5. If connecting together other Devic Beings into a network, visualize a line of light connecting the devas from star to star to form an existing network of devas working for the transmutation and transformation of the Planet. Name them if you know them. We do this under the guidance and direction of Archangel Michael and the Mother. Turn the result over to Spirit and do not try and direct or control what happens.
  6. Offer a prayer of thanks, and disconnect from the session.

More details on the Buddhic Column can be found at The Rainbow Bridge.

Christan Hummel, author of the best selling book, Do It Yourself Space Clearing Kit , co-founder of Earth Transitions, Flower of Life facilitator, and contributing author of The Rainbow Bridge. She travels internationally to teach people how to reconnect with the Angelic and devic realms of Nature in order to create a healthy template for themselves and the environment. She has worked with Drunvalo Melchizedek and Slim Spurling in developing a grassroots environmental clearing program worldwide using a combination of quantum technologies and co-creation with nature. Her newest workshop, Bridging Heaven & Earth Christan shares how to shift the holographic matric of an environment to reduce pollution, crime, earthquakes, and balance weather patterns to create a living Heaven here on Earth.

For more information see the workshop schedule page of this site.


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