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Time to Step up our Game

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The following is a recent message forwarded to me from one of the women who were a part of the Gulf Restoration project this summer.

It is unedited and exactly as I've received it.


From: Nancy Fanara-Berrian <>
Subject: Fw: "Fireworks" - Are You Kidding Me? .... Here Is The Real Cause
To: "Motherhood ofLight" <>
Date: Friday, January 7, 2011, 8:00 AM

Goddess Greetings All ~
Please read the information below forwarded from Di Nuckle (thank you!), which I just received this morning.
It is no coincidence that I was woken in the middle of the night last night and received extensive communication from those I believe to be well intended high level beings inquiring about my understanding of the state of the planet at this time.   They are recommending and asking that we send healing to the planet on a weekly basis versus the current schedule.
Though this seems a bit daunting, in light of the article below the request now seems to make sense.  In addition to these massive bird suicides through out the planet at the beginning of the year there has been a recent imbalance in Australia with massive flooding, damaga and loss of lives.
After speaking with Nina, we came up with the idea, that perhaps a couple of people from the group could volunteer once and week to do the weekly prayers for healing mother earth, and rotate the responsibility to another few volunteers and so on for 3 or 4 week intervals.  We can all do as much as we feel comfortable with, but the idea is to have a cyclical recurring focus on sending healing to the planet weekly.
We know there was success with ammeliorating the Gulf Stream situation based on the data captured by Christan Hummel and that surely there are other groups joining us in this through intention.  Energies are shifting radically as many of you are accessing more downloads, being lead to rest and recieve more; there must be a reason for this. 
We are now recently aware that there is a quarantine that is believed to be loosening in 2012, and we also know Mother Earth has absorbed much explotation and abuse and there could be deep rebelling fomenting.  Further there is HAARP which the government uses for a number of reasons and is also believed to impact the levels of energy on the planet.  They may have done something that caused harm to the electro magnetic fiels as well impacting the birds.  What ever the case, we should not take this lightly I feel, personally speaking.
Please let me know your thoughts, let me know who would be willing to help out with this effort.
Thank you!
Love and light,

Nancy Fanara-Berrian
"The truth that I may see, reveal the mystery" - Motherhood of Light


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