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by Christan Hummel



We are living in the middle of history in the making.  Pluto, the planet of transformation and regeneration, has returned to the position it was in during both the French and American Revolutions, thus bringing an opportunity for the death of the old, archaic political and economic systems, and a rebirth of one more reflective of the new consciousness expressing on the planet at this time.  This time around, Pluto's "revolution" will not be contained to one country, but will affect the entire geopolitical-economic system on the planet in place for the last 250+ years.


As any student of history knows, all revolutions start with a key group who first "ignite" the spark in the realm of ideas. These ideas, like seeds, take root in the minds of men and women.  They begin to change the way we look at the world, getting people to start to question what they have taken for granted for most of their lives.  This power of a thought whose time has come, is what has preceded every revolution in the planet's history.


What is often overlooked, though, is that while a change in the actions and structures of a society all begin with that first revolutionary thought, all thought is preceded by consciousness:   any change in the actions and events which occur on the physical plane, must first be preceded by a change in the thoughts that prompt it; but to shift those thoughts, one must first transform or shift consciousness. To shift consciousness, the grids, or matrix, which sustain that consciousness, or paradigm, must first be transformed.


It is for this reason that political leaders for thousands of years have tried to possess, own, and control the major nexus points of these grids. The earth is surrounded by this hidden matrix, or grid, of consciousness. It is this matrix which contains and defines any expression or system of political, economic, or governmental concept. For these outer systems to change, the consciousness grids  that support and sustain them must first change.


For instance, our current economic models on the planet are based upon a certain consciousness, or way of understanding their reality which is based primarily in the root and solar plexus chakras. As such, this reality––this level of consciousness––is oriented around concepts of greed, win/loss paradigms, fixed-pie scenarios, and power/control/separation.  No matter what country or political regime, the same consciousness underlies all of the existing economic models.  Under this model, in order for one person or country to "win," another must "lose."  Such a model determines the political action and agents, which in turn determine the rights, liberties, and livelihood of individuals.


Abundance is the true nature of the Universe; yet most of the planet is living in this artificially constructed grid of scarcity, greed, and fear and the wars, crime, and violence that consciousness engenders.  These energies are subsequently carried through the grid lines, or the meridians of the planet. By shifting the energies of this planetary grid matrix, the consciousness reflected in it is also shifted, allowing for new possibilities to emerge, ones more consistent with the higher realms which the Earth is entering into. When humanity is able to shift from the solar plexus orientation of I, me, mine,  to the heart chakra orientation where universal love is the currency that flows between us, then the new economic models will be able to emerge on the planet.


This is a key time on the planet for new economic perspectives to flourish. To do so, there needs to be a fertile space to receive the seed of new and revolutionary ideas. It is time for a new idea to be born, and the Earth grids are where such ideas first take root before manifesting into action and ultimately new systems.  By working with the guiding spirit of these grid points and ley lines in key areas of the planet which hold a part of the economic paradigm for the planet, we offer Spirit an opportunity to plant in the matrix those new seeds of thought where they can sprout into action and new economic models of right living.



© Christan Hummel, 2012



chnewbio.jpgChristan Hummel, a pioneer in earth energies exploration, has established a grassroots network throughout the world focused on planting new seeds of consciousness in the Earth grid through our actions and thoughts. She is the founder of Earth Transitions, a world wide environmental service organization, and former Flower of Life facilitator. International lecturer and teacher, having presented before the British and American Dowsing Society Conferences, as well as before the International Kinesiology, and International Feng Shui Conferences. Christan shares how to connect with the devic realms to create harmony and balance in our homes and communities. She has travelled internationally working with leading edge inventors to develop a worldwide, grassroots environmental clearing network now underway in over 25 countries. Christan provides a unique synthesis of modern science and ancient wisdom in an easy and understandable manner.   Her website is

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