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Thursday, 25 September 2008
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I received this in answer to a prayer requesting how to help someone who was struggling with his ego will. The answer came swiftly and clearly. I wrote it down, and later when I re-read it, realized that it was for more than just the person for whom I was praying. It is a universal message.  I offer it here for you as well.




Let go of all sense of I" and "mine."  Only then can I work through you.  To offer something to me in dedication is to let go of all thought or attachment to what I may choose to do with that gift.

When you give up with one hand, yet hold onto the gift being offered with the other, then My work cannot flow through the offering.

Let go of all sense of possession and attachment. Allow yourselves to be simply instruments of the Divine with no attachment to the outcome of how you are being used and no sense of personal ownership of what comes through you.

This is the lesson you are being offered at this time. When this has been learned and practiced, then My work can come through you without impediment or delay. Ready yourself for this opportunity, it is close at hand.

My love enfolds you, even in the darkest hours.  My prayers are like the wind beneath your wings allowing you to soar.  My grace is ever present awaiting your acceptance and embrace.

Go forth with full confidence that you are inspired by, supported by, and "funded" by the Divine in all things you turn over to that Divine Spirit.  This world awaits your dreams. It clamours for your visions to be expressed. It awaits the vital piece of the puzzle that you hold. The Kingdom of Heaven is always at hand and awaiting those who can bridge the gap and bring down their thread of it onto Earth.  Know that all of your efforts and desires to do so are supported by a host of beings on many levels. Step aside and allow the work to flow through you, knowing that it is greater than you can envision alone, and that you are never alone.

Reach out with your mind and heart to those who would join you in the visions which inspire you and know that they too receive equal joy in fulfilling their Divine mission of bridging Heaven on Earth.  Together there is nothing you cannot create.  Give no credit to the world of illusion which would fool you into thinking otherwise.

Go forth knowing that My love and blessings ever present and create that which gives you joy as your joy is My joy, and together we will sing a chorus weaving the strands of our new song to create a new fabric of Heaven here on Earth.


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