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atlantean.jpgMessage from San Onofre Devic Master: Two Realities, We Choose

by  Christan Hummel

Since 1981 I have been in communication inwardly with a devic master living off the coast of California near San Onofre. For lack of imagination, we named him "San Onofre" and the name has stuck since. His wisdom has been consistent and his vision of world events something I never would have known that a devic being could possess.  Back in February of 2007, he gave a message about the times ahead. He referenced December as a critical time in the Earth's history, saying that there was a new birth coming onto the planet, one of incomprehensible joy. That "birth" was like a child to be born, but a child of a new consciousness to emerge upon the planet.  Like all births though, he said, there will be a period of labor. During which time there will be some pain as the old systems are changing to accomodate the new consciousness about to emerge.  He went on to say that the first of the "contractions" to signal this period of going into labor, would come in December (2007).  He then gave a meditation that we could do to be able to keep our consciousness aligned with that of the Earth Mother, a kind of Cosmic Lamaz as he called it. (They do have a great sense of humor, and this deva in particular likes to use a play on words in his communications.)  The meditation was simple and according to the Deva would align us with the rhythm and pulse of the Earth as She goes through this transition. By so doing, we would know where to go and when, like the animals during the tsunami in Indonesia, they knew when to move to higher ground because they were attuned to the pulsations of the Earth.

The meditation was simply to become aware of the sun at the time of sunrise and sunset. We needn't be where we see this, but wherever we are at that time, to imagine the sun and to imagine that we can breathe in the energies of Helios (his name specifically) through the top of our head. Just do this for a couple minutes each day. He said that this would retune our inner timing and rhythms to be in sych with those of the Earth.

I did this for several months after, and the results were a slow and steady calming of my mind and fears of the future, which had been increasing previously as I contemplated the changes we were about to go through as a society. Then after a couple more months, I found that I was able to know the temperature to the exact degree before looking at the thermometer! So something was evidently "tuned in" as a result of this exercise. Over the months, I began to realize that my intuition was getting stronger and my fears lessening so that I could hear the inner voice of guidance more clearly as it was working in my life.

Then in December, the "contraction" predicted came. It happened on December 24th to be exact. I had been working with a man who was doing commodities trading and so I was following the markets pretty closely during that time. The markets plunged as the first blast of the housing mortgage crisis had hit the fan and registered in the markets. No less than six economic papers at the time referred to the event as an economic "contraction." This was in December 2007. It had begun. The first of the contractions to signal that the Earth had gone into "labor."  Back in February, 2007, when the deva first gave this message, he mentioned that like in labor, that the contractions start small, then build in intensity and come closer and closer together.

Since that first "contraction" back in December 2007, I've been watching the markets closely and sure enough, a series of market contractions followed: Bear Sterns bail out--the unthinkable happened--an economic icon needing the Federal Reserve to step in. A first on all fronts. It sent shock waves throughout the financial community sending the stock market plunging at record levels (record at the time.) Then other financial institutions following suit, three of them in less than three months. Then the price of oil spiraling out of control, the dollar plummeting, and basically all commodities across the board going through the roof as well causing riots in the streets and political unrest for countries around the world who literally could not afford to feed their people due to the raging prices. Each surging wave of increase was followed by a major collapse as the bubble burst, causing another contraction, each one more severe than the last. Finally, this most recent series of contractions, when Lehman Brothers, AIG and others closed their doors and disclosed to the world the severity of the credit problems and the markets seemed to know no bottom limit plunging to record levels surpassing that of the Great Depression.

Meanwhile, in the back of my mind is the message of the Devic master from February 2007 predicting all of this, and YET comparing it to labor pains which are giving rise to a BIRTH which is of incomparable joy. A birth of a new consciousness on the planet!  Then the reference to the tsunami and knowing where to go and when once we have aligned ourselves with the Cosmic Breath of the Great Mother of our planet. Well, the lastest confirmation of this wisdom came in the form of testimony of former Federal Reserve Chairman, Alan Greenspan, who described the current credit crisis as an economic TSUNAMI!!  

We are a part of this new birth. The collapse of the old systems of power and control are what will allow the NEW systems to emerge, and they are doing so NOW, just not getting attention in the mainstream media because they are the mouth pieces for the old paradigm which is collapsing. To those who know only that paradigm, this is a death. To those who hold another vision of how life can be on the planet, this is a NEW BIRTH! There are two very opposing realities playing out simultaneously right now, and that brings me to the next communication from the deva at San Onofre, one which came in August of 2007.  

In this communication, he shared with me the following:

San Onofre: RE: WORLD SITUATION: There are two very distinct and opposite lines of energy unfolding at this time. One is filled with fear, control, darkness, ego, mind. It will not succeed, but it will have its day. That day is coming soon. You already know too well the plans and aspects of this line of unfoldment so we will not comment more on it here.
The other plan which is unfolding at this time is an unprecedented explosion and expression of the light in all fields of endeavor.  You were shown what can happen with the gold "tip" and this is just a small example of how Spirit can and will work through all available agents to bring about the new paradigms on the planet. You saw how effortless it was, how easy, how simple.  This is what it will be like working in consort with Spirit.*
What is very unusual is that these two lines of unfoldment will be happening SIMULTANEOUSLY.  So it will mean that all will be forced to choose which paradigm they are going to be a part of, and where they choose to put their consciousness.
Right now, there is an overlapping of both worlds and paradigms. In the very near future, there will need to be a choice as it will not be possible to "live" energetically in both worlds. When we say "live" we mean where is your consciousness, not your body. Your body may be doing taxes or watching TV or shopping, but where is your consciousness while doing those things? It is resting in fear, or faith and love? It is aligned energetically with lack, or with abundance which is the hallmark of Spirit?
So these two paths will become increasingly more divergent and it will require people to choose which one is the reality they will lend their energy to.  This is the PATH you have been holding a door open to for [your market trading partner] during this last 18 months. You have demonstrated what it is like to live in this reality of magic, trust, faith, miracles, love, Spirit. You take it for granted, but it is relative new to him. He represents an example of someone who has spent his life living in a very materialistic world. It is only a few years since this other world opened up for him. Many like him will be receiving this "revelation" soon.  You wonder why The Secret was so well received since it was such old information. Yes, it was old to some, but not to the people opening to it for the first time. There will be many more such people as time approaches.
So there is a very odd dynamic which will be playing out in the near future, as soon as December. As events spiral more into fear, control, disaster etc, there will SIMULTANEOUSLY be increased openings of magic, synchronicity, the light, heart, love, and higher vibrations. We know that this is hard for the logical mind to understand, but it is possible nonetheless. The recent fires throughout California are an example. As the fires raged on, people's hearts were opened more. This is a crude example, but one which is familiar to you. What is different is that this will be happening in all fields of life soon, not just a disaster here or there.
So those aligned with Grace, will see the light manifesting. Those aligned with fear, will see the destruction.  You can choose which movie you want to watch, but there is only one monitor. You have two channels, but can only choose one movie! We know which movie you will choose, and have been doing so for some time now. This message is for others.
This is all we have for you at this time.  Know that our love is with you, along with our deep admiration and support at any time you call upon us.
With love, San Onofre (and devic team assembled)

*the gold "tip" referred to here is a tip that San Onofre told my market partner to buy gold at a certain day.  From that day forward over the next four months, gold took its steepest rise in history. Over $300,000 in gains from a single investment of $20,000. So he was referring to the possibilities which exist when we enter into the matrix of Grace that transcend what is possible from normal 3-D efforts.

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