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Meditations for Haiti


The following are some of the meditations and suggestions for how to help the situation in Haiti. Given that the planet is likely to experience more of these events as She moves through Her Ascension process, this will likely be a very active section of our blog. 


Message from the Guardians of Gaia 


through Elivia Melodey and Christan Hummel



This is a call to action for cosmic citizens to walk their talk and have your actions follow your consciousness, to move beyond any perceived sense of limitation and to realize that you are multidimensional beings working in conscious co-creation with a multitude of beneficent, sentient beings who are here to support the evolution of Mother Earth and humankind.


Know now that your thoughts have power, your thoughts create, that all creation starts on an energetic platform, and that you are one with life that matches your vibrations.


You are connected to those of like frequency on multidimensional planes. This is a REMINDER of the adage "when two or more are gathered in My name..." and why you are empowered when together. There is a quantum field already set up, doing the grid work to hold these frequencies when you align with the Elemental kingdom, whose mandate it is to support the evolution of Gaia and all of Her charges i.e. humans. When you align with them, you increase the power and efficacy of what you are doing ten thousand fold. Unbeknownst to you, behind the scene are a legion of galactic forces already in co creation.  Great forces are at work here, it is time to get on board!


This is an OPPORTUNITY, a huge opportunity, for you to see, feel, know, what great GOOD can manifest through these chaotic times.


Step back, have discernment, have perspective, and remember that you are the mandala limitless beyond measure and have untold resources available to effect enlightened change.


Clearing the planetary miasmas at this time:


The planet itself has its own safeguard that gets impacted by the energetic mental field of humans. When this field reaches its tipping point, Gaia works towards auto self-correction.


Just as the throat chakra on humans is the final energetic line of defense for overload and self-destruction.


So the ring of trees of the taiga region* around the top of the globe is the comparable to the throat chakra zone of the planet (a reminder that the largest organism on earth is the aspen.)


Take this time now to work in conjunction with the devic realm who oversees the cleansing of the vital life creation energies through this Taiga region. It is like the lungs of the planet and can help to clear the thought-forms on the mental plane of the planet when you work co-creatively with these great beings. Vital life energies for Gaia come in through the poles, and are consciously held in place at this latitude, both top and bottom.



Move into oneness with the in breath and out breath of Mother Gaia, the Divine Breath, as it inflates like a bellows, moving as well the bows and branches this legion of great Sentinels of the Taiga forest, infusing Gaia and all of Her charges on all dimensions, i.e. devic and human, with life enhancing breath, masquerading as oxygen. Then feel that breath moving into the heart, bringing serenity, moving into the lungs, banishing grief, and bringing succor and comfort. As we do this for ourselves, we connect as well with the consciousness of this great Sentinels of the Taiga. As such, we are breathing for the planet itself. 


Humans are responsible for holding this miasma of fear that impacts all that we see before us, animals, birds, sea creatures, those that borough, as well as the trees and plant kingdoms--AND your earth crust!



To invest your thoughts, your prayers, your visions in Source energy, which feeds the breath, and life energy of this Great Being, Mother Earth, who supports your existence here. Like the Sufis, with every breath you take today, or at least once an hour, see yourself as a bellows that is inflating the leaves and branches and limbs of these guardians, the groves for Mother Earth. For as you feed Her, in co-creation with the elementals, and the devic realms, She in turn will feed and bring succor beyond comprehension, to those who suffer in Haiti in Darfu in Bosnia, throughout the world as all are Her children.



See yourself breathing in unison, like a doula** or cosmic midwife, through a kind of cosmic la maz. For that is how the great groves are when the human mental plane is overloaded with fear, they extend their abilities to bring through greater life force energies. Just as your own lungs expand to hold greater prana, in doing this kind of Cosmic La Maz breath that will assist the birthing mother to transcend the pains of labor, to move beyond limitation and to lift her spirits in seeming waning life force energies of the toil and terror of the birthing process.


With every breath that comes into the earth, they (the groves) lift their limbs just to support even greater life supporting and enhancing energies of this evolution, just as you expand your lungs to take in more life. Think for a moment, when you have a difficult day, do you not sigh to shift the weightiness of the day. So too do the great groves do this as well.  Their boughs are like the lungs of the Earth expanding with every breath. Your conscious breath in co-creation with Universal breath is an essential and integral expression to support these guardians, the groves, the great grove guardians, and will ease this process and lift the “perceived” burden of lack, deprivation and death.


See yourself as intimately connected with these life forms investing all of your awareness in this reality, which is beyond all limitation. This is where true empowerment lies. This is the greatest gift you can give those who suffer at this time. For it is in UNITY that true strength and awareness is birthed.


Permission is granted to distribute this freely in its entirety if left in unedited form.


For more about Christan’s work, see:



"Taiga" Although this biome is correctly named Taiga, the term Boreal forest is usually used to refer to the more southerly part of the biome, while the term Taiga is more often used to describe only the more barren northern areas of the Arctic tree line


* Arctic tree line:


The northernmost latitude in the Northern Hemisphere where trees can grow; further north, it is too cold to sustain trees. Extremely cold temperatures can result in freezing of the internal sap of trees, killing them. In addition, permafrost in the soil can prevent trees from getting their roots deep enough for the necessary structural support.


Doula: (from


A female companion (midwife, doula or friend) has long been accepted as the best kind of ‘medicine’ a labouring woman needs, and studies show that the outcome of birth is better if a doula (a ‘trained’ female birth partner) is present. One study published in the New England Journal of Medicine an amazing 20 years ago, showed that having a doula present, cut the average length of labour, from admission to delivery, by half (from 19.3 hours to 8.8 hours).





Please give this to any who may use it.


For the healing of the Earth. In the embracing love of the Divine Mother as she tends her beloved children in their need.
On our meditation on Haiti and that sad situation of suffering I thought some of you may want an idea to follow in service to the moment of opportunity it offers in planetary healing. So I offer the following short meditation. It is best if you can find at least one other to meditate with, on the phone is fine, and form a triangle with the Christ. Link to all other triangles of meditating healers and pull them into your service.
Awaken the soul light above the head. Invite your soul group to work with you. Visualize a group crystal and move above the Island. There I see a great angel working. Violet healing devas are among the many coming and going from her to the people. She covers a huge area and many angelic beings come and go in and around her. Streams of compassion, love energetic support and care flood in waves of color and light into the area. At the center is a blazing diamond of the heart of the Christ. Bring your jewel into this heart and magnetize to you all the workers on the inner plane. Visualize a crystal obelisk from deep in the earth up to and beyond the level of the soul.
Imagine it rising into the higher center of the Christ as the mediator between Hierarchy and Shamballa. See it rise past that in spirit form and enter Shamballa where the spirit of all earth life is embraced and known. Invoke the Avatar of Synthesis in his unifying power to bring the power of the will to good to this place.
“The highest and the lowest meet.”
Use your heart in the Christ, Your soul in the Hierarchy and your mind in the higher purpose center of love to pull the organizing energies of the entire planet into forming a working spiritual service in this place. The energies of healing and the process of restitution for those leaving earth lives are working as you call to order the purpose of this great sacrifice. Down the channel of life from high above the purifying energies of healing planetary love pour in their destroying, building cleansing healing aspects and the great dark shadow that has distorted this place and affected the lives of these good people is transmuted into the release of healing and light that raises the power of good to a height equal to the suffering and horror experienced by the millions of human beings.
All the outpouring of pain, loss, despair, and surrender rise to meet the down pouring compassion, love spirit and determination for empowered healing focused in the mind of the Christ as he seeks to bring emerging spiritual purpose from this moment.
I see the explosion and radiance of pure white light from this place penetrating deep into the surrounding area and back into the mists of time. The clearing, restoring energies of the Christ, the Buddha and the lord of the World send the power of resurrection into and throughout the entire cycle of karmic need held embraced in this world event.
Be one with the healing power.
Be one with the restoring power
BE one with the releasing energies of resurrection of that which is pure, true and whole.
Let the good the beautiful and the true restore this place
“I am a planet of love
Renewed in a body of light
With one light
With one heart
With one will
In surrender serene and transcendent.”
It is for the perfection of love that all life moves forward.
Let that power of good resonate throughout the world.
Let our hearts be one with their hearts
If you know it, sound The Great Invocation and end with an OM.
God Bless these who suffer among us in their hour of need.

©  J.D. McTague


Spiritual Healing For Disasters
Joel Bruce Wallach        

January 15, 2010

Read this step-by-step article. It shows you how you can cope,
provide assistance, and make a real difference in planetary situations. . .

Message from the Hathors; Haiti and the Chaotic Node  by Tom Kenyon

To listen to or download the free Pineal Gland Attunement:

https://tomkenyon. b0xc8la6j5



    The recent seismic event in Haiti heralds the beginning of the Chaotic Node we referred to in our last communication.


    We are, quite frankly, surprised that this event occurred slightly outside the timeline we had projected. This tells us

    that new levels of "novelty" (meaning an increase in unpredictability) are escalating faster than we anticipated.

    Thus, it is, and will be, increasingly difficult to pinpoint such future occurrences.


    However, the general thrust of your planetary state is one of extreme volatility. Your magnetic North Pole is shifting its

    position in erratic and unpredictable ways. The photosphere is also showing signs of unusual activity, as yet undetected

    by your scientists. All of this is to be expected for a planet undergoing a movement into Ascension, and we liken all

    of this to the birthing pangs of Earth´s birth into higher dimensions.


    Our purpose in this communication is not to give predictions as to the unfolding of this chaotic node, for we must admit,

    in all humility, that our technology is no longer able to precisely predict the chaotic events unfolding before you.


    What we wish to address, as always, are practical applications of multi-dimensional awareness.


    It is the state of your vibratory field that determines your experience of any event. In its most simple form, the

    cultivation of appreciation for the smallest things in your life will give you the greatest results.


    The various inner technologies we have given before will also help you navigate through this transition as well, but we

    realize that not everyone is capable of entering into multi-dimensional awareness. If you are one of these persons,

    do not concern yourself with it. The simple act of appreciation for what is in your life will shift your

    vibratory field faster and more effectively than any sacred geometry.


    The task, then, is one of attaining a higher level of vibration. We do not mean physical vibration--the vibratory

    rate of your physical body--but rather we refer to the vibratory rate of your subtle energy body (your KA, your

    etheric double).


    As your planet moves into its energetic process more deeply, you can expect more volatility in weather patterns, as well

    as an increase in unpredictable earth changes. But in some ways the external events are easier to deal with than the

    internal changes you will be facing.


    Those of you who are more sensitive to the subtleties of energetics may find yourself "hard hit" by the dimensional

    and physical shifts that will occur. To a greater or lesser degree, depending upon their vibratory levels, more and more

    individuals will experience sleep disturbances, and strange dreams--some of them prophetic in nature. There will also

    most likely be an increase in strange physical ailments that have no logical explanation. These will often arise early in

    the morning hours as your energy body shifts from its inner journeys back to orientation to your physical form. These

    types of physical discomforts are a reaction from the organs within your body and the various bodily systems to the

    accelerating changes taking place. In other words, your physical bodies are challenged by the rapid escalation of

    planetary change.


    You may experience sudden and unexpected periods of extreme fatigue, weakness, and even the very odd state of being both

    awake and asleep at the same time. Again, all of these challenges are a result of the rapid changes taking place

    upon your earth. If you have the luxury of time, and you feel one of these energetic drops, the sudden onset of fatigue, it

    is best to rest if you are able--to literally lie down. If you are unable to do so we urge you to be vigilant if you are

    driving or making critical decisions or choices, especially when engaged with technology. There may be--and we expect

    this to be true--a general increase in irritability throughout the population; small negative encounters can

    easily amplify into something much larger.


    In our previous communication we offered the Dimensional Attunement for the Pineal Gland. This is still a very

    effective sound tool to assist you as you move through this period. Listening to this Attunement a few minutes a day can

    help your system "fine tune" itself so that the changes that are upon you will be less stressful.


    Again, the key component in all of this is your vibratory rate, and the Dimensional Attunement assists your nervous

    system by tuning the pineal gland to the higher realms of light. Think of it as an "acoustic life raft."


    You may also experience a greater number of individuals choosing to exit the Earth plane. These exits will take place

    through unexpected accidents, unforeseen illnesses, and of course, earth changes and weather anomalies. What we wish to

    say to you in this regard is that as the dimensionality of Earth shifts, the veils between the dimensions will become

    thinner, and it will be true for many that they sense friends and loved ones on the other side of the veil more clearly

    than ever before.


In some ways the veils between life and death are being lifted, and the veils between dimensions are being parted. Thus some of you may have unusual and extraordinary encounters with animal spirits, devic beings of the Earth, and other nature spirits that have been obscured for the last several thousand years.


Although this is a difficult and challenging period, it is an extraordinary opportunity to be embodied at this time. Regardless of what unfolds before you in your life, or in the lives of those around you, we suggest you cultivate appreciation for the smallest things in your life. Share your love and affection for those to whom you feel close.


In the great miasma you call Western Civilization, it shall be individual relationships that survive the coming storm.


As you let go of the distortions created by your culture and wake up to the simple truth of your existence as an embodied being in time and space, you will see that the great adventure has just begun.


   ~ The Hathors January 13, 2010


    ____________ _________ _________ __


 Tom´s Observations: (edited. For the full version, please see his website below)


    ...The Hathors also mentioned the Pineal Dimensional Attunement in this message. When they originally gave me this sound code, they indicated that they would give other Attunements in the future. By the way, all of these Attunements will be offered free of charge to the world community through this website as they become available. For now, the Hathors are of the opinion that listening to the Dimensional Attunement for the Pineal Gland (on a regular basis) will continue to assist those of us choosing the path of Ascension.


Personally, I sometimes think of the Hathor inner technologies and the Attunements as energetic surfboards that allow us to keep ahead of the evolutionary waves.


This brings me to one of their statements that I found both illuminating and quite amusing: "The simple act of appreciation for what is in your life will shift your vibratory field faster and more effectively than any sacred geometry."


Mind you this is coming from a group of intelligences that have given me volumes of information regarding geometry. And I have no doubt that sacred geometry shapes the flow of subtle energy. But when it comes down to it, the most important thing here is to raise the vibratory rate of your own subtle energy body (your KA) despite what may be happening around you. If the use of sacred geometry assists you in this, then so be it. It certainly does for me. But if you are unable to engage such pyrotechnics of the mind, the Hathors are saying don´t worry, be happy. Just appreciate the smallest things in your life and your vibratory rate will rise by itself. I applaud them for this simple statement for  I, too, have found appreciation to be the express elevator to the upper floors of my own consciousness.


There is a tendency for many of us to get attached to our little devices, whether physical or mental, thinking that they will shift us into whatever version of paradise we imagine. But this is, I think, just another type of dogmatitis (an inflammatory condition of the soul).  Dogmatitis appears whenever there is a limiting idea or belief. The most common form of this is the belief that you cannot move upward in consciousness on your own, unless you use some type of device and/or follow a certain path. The Hathors are reminding us that we possess one of the greatesttools for self-evolution within our emotional nature, the simple act of appreciation.


This brings me to another one of their statements that occurs toward the end of this message. "In the great miasma you call Western Civilization, it shall be individual relationships that survive the coming storm."

 Whatever comes down for humanity in terms of 3D realities, I suspect that truthful and co-operative relationships with our fellow humans may turn out to be our most reliable currency.


May you find both the small things and the big things that bring you joy.


    ~Tom Kenyon


For more information about the Pineal Attunement:

To listen to or download the Attunement:

https://tomkenyon. b0xc8la6j5


    ©2009 Tom Kenyon All Rights Reserved.

    You may make copies of this message, share and distribute

    it in any media so long as you credit the author, include

    this copyright notice, do not charge for it, and do not alter its content in any way.


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 'May we live in peace without weeping. May our joy outline the lives we touch without ceasing. And may our love fill the world, angel wings tenderly beating.'


The Universal Heart Center





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