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A Message from the Devic Master at San Onofre, CA (March, 2009)

from Christan Hummel
earth temple

The end of March, while visiting in Southern California, I was pulled to the side of the road while driving by the devic master who resides off the coast near San Onofre. This was quite unusual for a communication to be initiated by the deva, but it seems Nature had a message about these times ahead.

The notes were jotted down on paper and the thoughts came to me as fast as we could write. It was several weeks before we could revisit the notes, but when we did, I realized that the message wasn't just for me. As I read these words of widom again, they seem even more relevant now than when they were first given.

These are highlights:

"The ancient Roman archetype of abuse of the feminine has crested, and its power is decreasing. This energy came into supremacy on the planet by agreement of the consciousness of Earth, however, it has reached the end of its cycle and is in the decline. We are at a time in our planetary history where the two primal energies of Yin and Yang are shifting in their relationship. Like two arches intersecting (saw something that looked like the McDonald's arches). The arc of the Yang journey has reached its crest and is now on the descent. While the arc of the Yin journey is ascending. They are at a crossing point now where it appears that they are equal in strength, but only if you do not know their trajectory path. The energies of the Divine Femine are now building on the planet, while the energies of Yang loosening their grip. When women understand this they can transform anger and fear from past abusive treatment, into compassion.

[Then the picture of the twin arches turned 90 degree to each other. I then saw a central pole come down where the two intersect as it came thorugh them and into the earth.] Male and Female energies are NOT side by side, but at a 90 degree rotation. This allows intersection with each other in their own dimension, each with autonomy, and yet together. Visualize this as a symbol. The central column represents the place of union. Hold the image of this symbol in mind and it will help hold the energies in their truth.

Those who have experienced abusive relationships with regards to the disrespect of the Feminine principle, their experiences of healing, and standing in their power, are now being used as a proxy in the process of redeeming the matter of the planet that holds these old imprints of abuse and disrespect of this sacred principle. So all who experience these abusive relationships, act as a proxy as they transform those energy dynamics within themselves, they are acting as a proxy for the energies to be transformed where they are held within the planetary structure.

The ancient wisdom of the Feminine, that of being in harmony with Nature, of understanding natural ways of healing, of intuitive knowing, has been repressed and long forgotten as the Feminine principle went into hiding and was depressed. However, there have always been those on the planet who have held that wisdom within their cellular memory, to keep that flame alive.

They are the Temple Keepers, the priestesses of old, who have maintained an unbroken vibration of the ancient wisdom. These Temple Keepers are being guided to attend their stations at this time as the Feminine temples of the Earth re-emerge. It is a time to awaken to the awareness of who you really are and the role you have to play in this planetary transition.

You will find that there are things you remember encoded into your body as wisdom, not from books or learned knowledge. In times past, the archives of ancient teachings were held within certain rocks, acting as record keepers. There are many now who are accessing these records, and more will come as the Feminine energies become more fully available on the planet.

Allow yourselves to trust your guidance and knowledge at this time. The new teachings for the planet will be awakened through this type of Feminine knowledge, as living libraries (vs. books) as the ancient Lemurian temples begin to arise again.

Temple keepers will be able to be perceived by more people as their own inner wisdom is revealed to them. It will be of great service in these times ahead.

The net of light encircling the planet creates safe place for this re-emergence. The women who hold this energy are the midwives, who within themselves hold the safe space allowing these temples to resurface. As these temples arise, ancient understandings, ways of living that were lost, that are in harmony with the earth, will suffuse the grids with that consciousness so as to be available to the masses. All this seeps through the grids of the earth (like a liquid information of light) to become available to designers, teachers, engineers, and those who can implement the plans for the new template. The Temple Keepers must come first to prepare the space for the re-emergence of these ancient store houses of wisdom.

In the times ahead, the standard operating procedure -- the ways things have been done in the past -- won't be effective anymore. This will mean that humanity will develop new ways of adapting. The grids which are emerging hold the new template, and those of you in this work are helping to hold the energy for that to happen. This is an important time for those of you who are performing this role. The key task now is to live the truth of who you really are.

This is your time! NOW is your time. Assume the mantle you have been given. The conditioning of the world has caused you to determine your value by what you do, and that can be confusing as it is not a true reflection of your worth. HOLD ONTO WHO YOU REALLY ARE! Your being touches people and ripples out to affect others in ways in which you are unaware. Who you ARE and the awareness you hold, exists on other dimensions, as there are whole civilizations on other levels that live in harmony and according to principles of love. You hold this truth in your very being, remembering this way of being. By living the truth of who you are, you act as Sirens, luring people to this awareness of this other way of being and living.

The old ways will no longer produce fruit. They are like sterile seeds. Certain frequencies of the population will not be able to reproduce in coming times-other ways of the past, greed etc, will not thrive. Inversely, ideas which are aligned with this new an emerging template will thrive.

Don't loose hope by looking at the outer. This is the time which you came for, this is why you were called, THIS is your time! Time to shift gears from hiding and camoflouging who you are, as you adapted to a world which wasn't indigenous to you. It is time to come out openly and live the truth of your being. The knowledge you collectively hold of this other way of living is not from the mind. You came in with this awareness already encoded into your DNA. As such, you know there are other possibilities for this planet, because on some level you've already experienced it as a lived reality. You are here to anchor that knowing, that this paradise exists. You are holding this vibration as the template of the New Earth, but it is not "new" to us, it is where you came from."

Economic situation:  This time now is like a false spring. Blooms have come onto the tree, and a sense of optimism, but there is a cold snap coming which will cause the blooms to fall. There is still disintegration/dismanting yet to come that is necessary before people are ready to let go of their attachment to the old system. Right now its like retreading an old tire. The changes being made are still in efforts to salvage the old systems. It is not true change yet.  What will be needed are the new systems is based on love, service, cooperation, goodwill, and brotherhood. People aren’t hurting enough yet to reach deep into themselves to access these qualities. Life won’t support efforts to retreat to the past.

The dark overlords haven’t given up, simply retreated to regroup. The contrived mortgage crisis was brought on those manipulating the planet all along in an effort to put people into a state of fear. They have another card to play. They will not succeed. The plan is there on the mental plane, but it will not succeed. There are too many on the planet now who are vibrating at a higher frequency, that the plans to bring humanity into submission through fear will not succeed. Instead, it will likely propel humanity to reach for and demand new alternatives.

Obama is being worked with, protected and guided. The prayers of millions have allowed him to be surrounded by Beings who are helping him to keep his vision and integrity amid the climate of dark forces which are prevalent in his environment.  He has been “chosen” by higher beings to lead America into its destiny. Michelle is his shakti, and he recognizes this (though he would use another term.) This is the first couple in American political history to demonstrate this type of co-creative union. They are anchoring the archetype of balance and respect of a co-creative partnership.

Those of us who remember another way of how life can be lived, need to take care that our consciousness is anchored in the new template, the new paradigm. Watch with detachment the changes ahead as it does not affect you or where your consciousness resides. In the moment each decision will be known. Don’t project too far out into the future. The farther you go out in time the more confused you will become. Be comfortable living in the moment.

The danger, if you could call it that, now is that you have lived so long with a foot in each world, that you need to remember where your true home is. Move into who you are. No more camoflough. As the next economic wave hits, dig into the goodness within. Learn to tap into this vast resource of goodness within, of the human heart. The new currency coming is a “currency” of love. The institutions built with this currency will be untouched, others will crumble that are based on greed, power, lust. In one to two years, there will be a simultaneous decline of the existing economy, alonside the emergence of new ideas and ways of relating to one another. It is debatable whether or not money as you know it will survive in this system as so much of the existing structure will not be there.  Even we cannot project too far out into the future as there are still choices that humanity has to make which affects which path of outcome will manifest.  So make your plans month to month, rather than long term right now.

There is very little other than your own resource which is your currency. WHO you are will appreciate in value as others appreciate who you are! And even more so as we enter the new paradigm humanity will need people who know the path and the terrain.

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