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A Call to Action: From the Guardians of Gaia



Message from the Guardians of Gaia 

through Elivia Melodey and Christan Hummel

This is a call to action for cosmic citizens to walk their talk and have your actions follow your consciousness, to move beyond any perceived sense of limitation and to realize that you are multidimensional beings working in conscious co-creation with a multitude of beneficent, sentient beings who are here to support the evolution of Mother Earth and humankind.

Know now that your thoughts have power, your thoughts create, that all creation starts on an energetic platform, and that you are one with life that matches your vibrations.

You are connected to those of like frequency on multidimensional planes. This is a REMINDER of the adage "when two or more are gathered in My name..." and why you are empowered when together. There is a quantum field already set up, doing the grid work to hold these frequencies when you align with the Elemental kingdom, whose mandate it is to support the evolution of Gaia and all of Her charges i.e. humans. When you align with them, you increase the power and efficacy of what you are doing ten thousand fold. Unbeknownst to you, behind the scene are a legion of galactic forces already in co creation.  Great forces are at work here, it is time to get on board!

This is an OPPORTUNITY, a huge opportunity, for you to see, feel, know, what great GOOD can manifest through these chaotic times.   

Step back, have discernment, have perspective, and remember that you are the mandala limitless beyond measure and have untold resources available to effect enlightened change.   

Clearing the planetary miasmas at this time:

The planet itself has its own safeguard that gets impacted by the energetic mental field of humans. When this field reaches its tipping point, Gaia works towards auto self-correction.   

Just as the throat chakra on humans is the final energetic line of defense for overload and self-destruction.   

So the ring of trees of the taiga region* around the top of the globe is the comparable to the throat chakra zone of the planet (a reminder that the largest organism on earth is the aspen.)   

Take this time now to work in conjunction with the devic realm who oversees the cleansing of the vital life creation energies through this Taiga region. It is like the lungs of the planet and can help to clear the thought-forms on the mental plane of the planet when you work co-creatively with these great beings. Vital life energies for Gaia come in through the poles, and are consciously held in place at this latitude, both top and bottom. 

Move into oneness with the in breath and out breath of Mother Gaia, the Divine Breath, as it inflates like a bellows, moving as well the bows and branches this legion of great Sentinels of the Taiga forest, infusing Gaia and all of Her charges on all dimensions, i.e. devic and human, with life enhancing breath, masquerading as oxygen. Then feel that breath moving into the heart, bringing serenity, moving into the lungs, banishing grief, and bringing succor and comfort. As we do this for ourselves, we connect as well with the consciousness of this great Sentinels of the Taiga. As such, we are breathing for the planet itself.  

Humans are responsible for holding this miasma of fear that impacts all that we see before us, animals, birds, sea creatures, those that borough, as well as the trees and plant kingdoms--AND your earth crust!   


To invest your thoughts, your prayers, your visions in Source energy, which feeds the breath, and life energy of this Great Being, Mother Earth, who supports your existence here. Like the Sufis, with every breath you take today, or at least once an hour, see yourself as a bellows that is inflating the leaves and branches and limbs of these guardians, the groves for Mother Earth. For as you feed Her, in co-creation with the elementals, and the devic realms, She in turn will feed and bring succor beyond comprehension, to those who suffer in Haiti in Darfu in Bosnia, throughout the world as all are Her children. 

See yourself breathing in unison, like a doula** or cosmic midwife, through a kind of cosmic la maz. For that is how the great groves are when the human mental plane is overloaded with fear, they extend their abilities to bring through greater life force energies. Just as your own lungs expand to hold greater prana, in doing this kind of Cosmic La Maz breath that will assist the birthing mother to transcend the pains of labor, to move beyond limitation and to lift her spirits in seeming waning life force energies of the toil and terror of the birthing process. 

With every breath that comes into the earth, they (the groves) lift their limbs just to support even greater life supporting and enhancing energies of this evolution, just as you expand your lungs to take in more life. Think for a moment, when you have a difficult day, do you not sigh to shift the weightiness of the day. So too do the great groves do this as well.  Their boughs are like the lungs of the Earth expanding with every breath. Your conscious breath in co-creation with Universal breath is an essential and integral expression to support these guardians, the groves, the great grove guardians, and will ease this process and lift the “perceived” burden of lack, deprivation and death.

See yourself as intimately connected with these life forms investing all of your awareness in this reality, which is beyond all limitation. This is where true empowerment lies. This is the greatest gift you can give those who suffer at this time. For it is in UNITY that true strength and awareness is birthed.   

Permission is granted to distribute this freely in its entirety if left in unedited form.

You can see more about Elivia’s work on her website at: 

For more about Christan’s work, see: 



"Taiga" Although this biome is correctly named Taiga, the term Boreal forest is usually used to refer to the more southerly part of the biome, while the term Taiga is more often used to describe only the more barren northern areas of the Arctic tree line 

* Arctic tree line: 

The northernmost latitude in the Northern Hemisphere where trees can grow; further north, it is too cold to sustain trees. Extremely cold temperatures can result in freezing of the internal sap of trees, killing them. In addition, permafrost in the soil can prevent trees from getting their roots deep enough for the necessary structural support.   

Doula: (from   

A female companion (midwife, doula or friend) has long been accepted as the best kind of ‘medicine’ a labouring woman needs, and studies show that the outcome of birth is better if a doula (a ‘trained’ female birth partner) is present. One study published in the New England Journal of Medicine an amazing 20 years ago, showed that having a doula present, cut the average length of labour, from admission to delivery, by half (from 19.3 hours to 8.8 hours).

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