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Healing the Rift of Atlantis

AtlanteanThe recent success of the movie Avatar, harkens back to an older ledgend, that of The Arabian Nights, wherein lies hidden within the story of Aladdin secret clues to humanity's magical powers when united with its consort of creation. This fable represented mankind's capacity for creation, cloaked in symbolic form, so that only adepts would be able to see the hidden truths. Aladdin, as humanity, discovers the genie (the feminine aspect of creation) locked in a bottle and releases the "djinn" through the fire of friction. The genie then awaits Aladdin's (humanity's) "command" and stands ready and able to manifest any desire or thought.

During those days, the truths of creation were hidden in symbolic stories, insuring that they would be discovered only by those with eyes to see. It was in this way that the secrets of life were passed down through the centuries in secret societies and mystery schools, in symbolic rituals and ceremonies.

We are in very different times now. There seems to be no secrecy. Even the term "secret government" has come to be an oxymoron. In the Bible it states that in the end days the secrets will be shouted from the roof tops. Gone are the days of secret societies. Replacing it are websites with mystery teachings and public seminars initiating people into the inner realms.

Perhaps it is because we are in these end times, the end of the long exhaling breath of Brahma, that some of these hidden realms and truths are being revealed. One such revelation is the pulling back of the veil which separated the devic and human realms for so many thousands of years since the ending of Atlantis.

It was during the time of Atlantis that the devas and humanity worked together, much like the stories of Aladdin, when such magical things as represented in those stories were commonplace. But humanity misused that power, and a rift was created which separated the two kingdoms, and is surfacing now to be healed.

Events during a workshop in New Zealand revealed to me a deeper meaning and importance to healing that rift, and the real message of Aladdin. New Zealand is a land deeply connected to the Feminine energy of this planet. I believe it contains energetic remnants of Lemuria. It has taken two years and four trips there, but I am finally beginning to understand that I have some "contract" with this land. There is something about the Feminine energy there that I need to learn and can only learn by being there. It cannot be taught in words---it's too ephemeral, too amorphous, too all-pervasive to be confined in linear thought patterns and concepts. Only by being there could I "grok" that which exists beyond the mind's domain.

While in NZ, I had a "communication" with a piece of greenstone (jade) which had a crystal embedded in it. Greenstone, or pounamu as it is called, is the most sacred stone of NZ, and I have been told that it is very rare to find any with crystals. A friend of mine from Christchurch had one of these rare finds which she shared with me. It was a beautiful piece, tumbled and heart-shaped, which she gave to me to hold. She shared with me a legend which says that greenstone with crystals in them held the memories of Lemuria. When she handed it to me, I held it in my hands and just felt it for awhile. Then I put it up to my third eye and immediately received the message, "No, you can't access us from there. You must put us to your heart."

To my surprise, when I held it to my heart, I felt myself sliding down into my heart as if entering a deep cave. Once within that cave, I was in another world in which a whole story unfolded. It wasn't like any story I've ever experienced. Instead of words, I was enfolded in a living hologram in which I found myself seeing life through the eyes of the beings who "programmed" their story into this crystal held within the greenstone. It was a time capsule created by a race of beings who lived long ago to preserve their story for future races. Everything about this race's way of life and perception of reality was held in the form of this living hologram.

As I observed this world stored within the crystal in the stone, I became aware of a consciousness, like a collective, which greeted me with these words, "Only those with a pure heart and a love of the Earth can hear our stories. We've waited a long time for someone to find us." Apparently, they had been waiting eons for their story to be discovered.

As I held the stone to my heart, and entered into their world, I saw that they were the people of Lemuria. Theirs was a society so very peaceful that we do have nothing to compare it with today. They lived in complete harmony with their environment and had a deep respect for all aspects of the Earth. They learned about the ways of Life by observing Nature. They learned lessons from the trees to be strong and tall and true to their purpose; from the wind they learned to be flexible and changing, from the water how to yield and flow with life. In this way, all of Nature was their teacher. They were connected as if one big family to all Life around them, and in the same way to one another as well.

The experience lasted for about an hour and I understood quite a bit about their society and what became of them and what would transpire in the future. What was revealed during this meeting of souls was that their society was so deeply connected to the Mother that everything they needed was provided for them. They operated on total trust in the Mother to provide for their needs. As a result they had no need for what they termed, "the artificial intermediary of currency." The Mother was their direct source.

They existed like this for quite a long time, and even during the early times of Atlantis. But then there was a shift. A race of beings which originated from Mars came onto Earth and entered into Atlantis, shifting the whole energy and dynamic of their world. This group of Martian beings were very developed mentally and were not able to trust in the Mother to provide for them. They tried to control their environment with the technology they had developed in order to feel safe. Ultimately the two races collided and became polarized which led to the destruction of Atlantis, and the creation of a chasm in the Earth's energetic body. This rift that was created in the energetic body of the Earth, is what is being healed today with the coming together of these two very different races and ways of being in the Reality.

The Lemurians knew that this was going to happen and also knew that there would be a very long cycle in which the Martian culture and way of being would dominate. I was shown that this time we are in now represents the end of that cycle and that the Earth is entering into a new energy or way of being. I was shown that the rising of Lemuria did not refer to the rising of a landmass, but instead to the rising of a consciousness that would resurface on Earth again. This time the two races would walk together, hand in hand, with a respect for one another's differences.

While this sounded very wonderful, I couldn't see how such vastly different races of beings, with such diametrically opposed ways of operating within the Reality could possibly coexist and walk in tandem as was shown. What was revealed to me is that the healing of this cleavage will occur through those on the planet who act as a "living bridge." They are the ones who within themselves can maintain a synthesis of both worlds. They will be the ones to unite the two races, and with this, there will be an energetic healing of the rift of Atlantis that occurred so long ago. I was told that I was one of those "living bridges" and that the people attracted to the work that I was involved with were also on that path of Earth service. I found it interesting that the first spiritual group which I was a part of and which provided the foundation for the Earth healing work I currently do, was called the Rainbow Bridge. I was also shown that acting as this "living bridge" was the primary value of the work that we were doing on the planet, not simply the clearing of noxious earth energies. That was of secondary importance to the work of reuniting the tribes or races that were separated during Atlantis.

We were involved with both cutting edge technology (which many remembered as coming from Atlantean times) and the work with the devas (which represented the Lemurian way of connecting with nature.) This helped me to understand why it was so important for us not to become polarized in our work towards either technology or nature, but to discover a synthesis of both. I had not understood before the importance of having both of these approaches integrated together in the workshops I taught.

Recently, we have been working with the Angelic realms as well and they too are interested in helping to heal this rift. They have said that there are many technological ideas which have been "gifted" to humanity and which exist on the levels of the mental plane for those inventors and creative thinkers to tap into. The Angels, spearheaded by Archangel Michael are working to assist lightworkers all over the planet in using these technologies which help to bridge the gap between the human and spirit realms. So there is a bridging both with the Angelic realms and the Nature realms taking place on the planet right now.

When this experience with the Lemurian record keeper was over, I was touched and moved by its power more than I was aware of at the time. Afterwards, I discovered that I could tap into that hologram anytime even without the presence of the crystal. It was as though something had been "downloaded" in me. I found that I now had a new relationship with crystals. No longer were they simply pretty rocks; they were alive and conscious beings. I could see their life energy. I could feel their presence. I could hear their "stories".

Many such stories are waiting to be discovered. As the Earth shifts into a higher vibrational state of consciousness, many ancient truths and similar stories will be revealed which hold the wisdom and key for entering into this new Reality.

Christan Hummel, author of the best selling book, Do It Yourself Space Clearing Kit , co-founder of Earth Transitions, Flower of Life facilitator, and contributing author of The Rainbow Bridge. She travels internationally to teach people how to reconnect with the Angelic and devic realms of Nature in order to create a healthy template for themselves and the environment. She has worked with Drunvalo Melchizedek and Slim Spurling in developing a grassroots environmental clearing program worldwide using a combination of quantum technologies and co-creation with nature. Her newest workshop, Bridging Heaven & Earth Christan shares how to shift the holographic matric of an environment to reduce pollution, crime, earthquakes, and balance weather patterns to create a living Heaven here on Earth.

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