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Cyberspace Genie

by Christan Hummel

alladin.gif  I have to confess that I can be a bit of a hypocrite when it comes to working with the devas. For a year now Ann Meril, my associate, and I have been helping people learn how to work with and communicate with devas in their own area, and in cities. The results have been astounding, and the devas have been overwhelmingly happy to see humanity come to them in a spirit of cooperation after all these years. However, when it comes to technology, I freeze up. In my personal life it seems that everything technological that either Ann or I own goes on the blink regularly and we become disabled by it being somewhat technologically inept.

Well, one wonderful thing about doing workshops it that you are put to the challenge of walking your talk. This is what happened one day while doing a workshop in Sao Paulo, Brazil. I was staying with a woman who had an electric garage door opener. We had the car parked inside the garage and the door wouldn't open, and we needed to leave to get to the workshop. We tried everything we knew. We put a ring (a tesla type tool that I talk about in the workshop) around it, we pushed all sorts of buttons, but nothing would happen. So we were trapped.

Finally, the woman I was staying with, Magali, asked, "don't garage door openers have devas too?" Well, I suppose they do, yes, though I had never thought of it like that before. And then she asked the next logical question, "Can't you speak with them like you do the other devas?" Well, again, theoretically, yes, but I'd never done anything like that before.

So I gave it a try. I looked for what might be the central command unit and began to "tune" my consciousness to the garage door opening unit. I tried to put myself on its wavelength, so to speak. When I felt that I was there, I introduced myself, and asked, "what's the problem?" To my surprise, I received an answer back immediately, "I'm stuck!" It sounded like a little girl in my mind, and all she kept saying was "I'm stuck, I'm stuck!" Well my heart melted when I heard her. When I asked what to do, all I kept hearing was the same, "I'm stuck." Yes, yes, we got that part, what do we do? Then I got a vision of going over to the bottom corner of the garage door and to push it while Magali pushed the switch again. This time it opened right away!

Well that was my first "contact" with the devic life of a mechanical device. I know auto repair people who just seem to know where to look for problems, and what to do, even before they put the car on the monitors. They just "feel" or intuit or get a gut feeling about what to do. And I've seen computer troubleshooters do the same thing. Could it be that they are in "communication" with the deva of the thing they are working on and receive that communication in the form of hunches and pictures or impressions? This is what we have been teaching people in the deva workshops we give is that often devas communicate that way, and very seldom do they use words directly.

So it was an interesting experience that I jotted down in the notebook and then just forgot about--until recently when I was confronted by what seemed insurmountable printer problems. I was getting ready to move all my things into storage getting ready for a long trip on the road, and was trying to print out all the business items I would need before I left, but the printer wouldn't work. I tried calling the computer tech person who usually helps us out of such jams, but he was laid up with health problems and couldn't come over. I also attempted to transfer the items onto a disk to print elsewhere, but I kept running into disk errors.

So there I was, "I'm stuck" the words kept ringing in my mind. Yes, I was stuck. But what to do? I shared the garage door opener story with Ann while commiserating with her, when she suggested that we contact the deva of the printer. Yet again on unfamiliar turf, but what did I have to loose? I'd tried everything else I knew to do and I was still stuck.

So we tuned into the deva and immediately there was a response. I actually saw her (which is rare for me) looking like the traditional Genie in a bottle, with blue complexion and all. She was not very happy though. Ann pointed out that I did not have a very loving relationship with either my computer or printer as they frequently didn't work even though almost new. So the first thing that we did was to invoke the violet flame to purify all the past thought forms around the printer, mine and those of anyone else since devas are required to carry out the thought forms imposed upon them by humanity. So we released the deva from the previous thought forms about the printer.

Then we invoked something called a buddhic column which connects it with the Will of the Mother and with the Heavenly Realms directly. Then we asked, "what do you need?" all I heard was, "loose cable," so I jiggled it. Upon doing that, I realized that she was upset or saddened about not being included and acknowledged. Especially because she knew that we worked with devas! She felt neglected and unappreciated. She was aware of all the deva articles and emails and reports that went through her, and yet we didn't acknowledge HER as a deva also. We felt awful. So we immediately apologized and began to acknowledge her as a being. And asked if there was anything we could do for her?

She pouted, "I want a ring!" Evidently she was jealous that all the other devas get one, as we use them a lot in our work, but she didn't. So we put a ring around her base. Then she shared that she wasn't happy sitting on the CPU, that she wanted her own space. So we moved her, and visualized a globe of energy around her to represent her own space. I was guided to jiggle some paper in her paper cartridge, and I heard her say, "I'm happy now" and she started printing the backlog of printed articles that had been jammed for a day.

Well, we had been taught an important lesson. She began to converse with us inwardly saying that she was "nature" too. She said that "technology" is what man has done with nature, but it is still nature and has a devic consciousness. Of course! Everything has life and a consciousness. We had overlooked it in this case though.

We then asked her if she would like to have any of the sacred waters or soil samples from other devic beings around the world, (we offer these to various devas we encounter as they appreciate being connected and in contact with the essence of other devic beings in this way, ) but she said ,"no." What she did want, however, was a small crystal I had from Brazil. So I put it on top of her, and she was thrilled, like she had just found a new friend.

Well, both Ann and I were sitting there in amazement at this newfound discovery and relationship with my printer. As we were talking among us, she began to speak to us again stating that she didn't want to be kept in a storage locker while I was gone, instead wanted to go to Ann's house, and said that she could help Ann with her internet problems. She showed us that the computer devas are interlinked, or networked in a kind of collective consciousness something like the Borg in Star Trek. She knew how to help us with fax, internet and computer devas, and WANTED to help us learn how to work with these devas.

She then started to show us how we had put a barrier between us and what we called "technology" in that we thought of the devas we worked with as being a part of nature, and thought of technology as alien to nature. She showed us that they are the same, and that our attitude that we held towards technology caused the devic life within those forms to respond to our alien and hostile manner in dysfunctional ways. That our own attitude towards these technology devas created many of the problems we were experiencing with their functions.

We marveled at her language capacities and had never encountered that before in a "machine" deva. She pointed out to us that she held within her consciousness many language facilities because of her nature and function and because of her constant exposure to words. She also pointed out to us that she had a microprocessor (I don't know if that's technically correct, but it's what it looked like when she showed me the picture) unit inside of her that was analogous to the human brain and so it made communication in words easy for her as it was something she was familiar with.

She was very interested in helping us learn to work with the technology devas in our environment: the internet, modem, fax and the computer. She showed us that they were networked together in consciousness and understood something of each other's function and nature. She was willing to act as something of a translator to help interface between us and the other technology devas.

After a time of conversing with her, she shared with us that the technology devas are very interested in the Y2K scenario coming up as they perceived it as an opportunity to begin to work co-creatively with humanity to come up with solutions by recognizing and co operating with the devic life of technology.

Within about 30 minutes of communicating with her and interacting with her, Ann began to perceive her inwardly as being 10 times her original size, and looked like a moving mandala. As we focused our attention on the deva, she began developing in consciousness and organization of her energy patterns, right in front of us.

Connecting with one deva of technology puts us into contact with the collective consciousness of all of cyberspace. Humanity has a responsibility of how we use cyberspace--email, the web, as we come into relationship with this interfacing kingdom called cyberspace. It is a bridging kingdom composed of silicon (crystal), with devic life, and with man-made technology. SILICON, DEVA, HUMAN. The three come together in cyberspace and computer technology. A meeting of the minds, so to speak.

Somewhere in here there is a key to working with Y2K in a different way than we have envisioned before. As the Tibetan Master Dwal Khul has said, "no problem is solved on the level on which it exists, but on the next highest level of consciousness." This opens the door to going beyond simply solving the immediate, pressing problem at hand, to begin a new interactive relationship with technology which recognizes and co-operates with the life force within it.

Christan Hummel is the author of the best selling book, Do It Yourself Space Clearing Kit, co-founder of Earth Transitions, Flower of Life facilitator, and contributing author of The Rainbow Bridge. She travels internationally to teach people how to reconnect with the Angelic and devic realms of Nature in order to create a healthy template for themselves and the environment. She has worked with Drunvalo Melchizedek and Slim Spurling in developing a grassroots environmental clearing program worldwide using a combination of quantum technologies and co-creation with nature. Her newest workshop, Bridging Heaven & Earth she shares how to shift the holographic matric of an environment to reduce pollution, crime, earthquakes, and balance weather patterns to create a living Heaven here on Earth.

To learn more about how to co-create with the devic realms, Christan's workshop schedule.

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